Further updates being made to ResponsiBLUE


The University of Michigan’s ResponsiBLUE app is once again being updated and will soon include a quarantine and isolation indicator for students, an additional question in the daily symptom tracking questionnaire and a number of usability improvements based on feedback from the community. 

“As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to make updates and improvements to the ResponsiBLUE app that best support the health and safety of the campus community,” said Jim Behm, executive director for enterprise application services in Information and Technology Services.

To reduce confusion related to users seeing a red “X” upon opening the app — which is typically the result of the expiration of the user’s previously completed symptom check — a yellow indicator box that reads ‘Start Screening Check’ will now prompt the user to complete the questionnaire. Once the questions have been answered, the status of the screening check indicator will immediately update and turn green for the following 18 hours.

The new quarantine and isolation indicator box will appear just below the COVID-19 testing indicator and will only be visible to students who have been placed into or asked to quarantine or isolate by U-M’s Environment, Health and Safety or the Contract Tracing Corps.

The indicator will state that the student is currently either in quarantine or isolation but will not specify which.

By clicking onto the Q/I indicator, which will read “Required,” ResponsiBLUE also will display the departure date of when the student may discontinue their quarantine or isolation.

To further align with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all users will be asked an additional question related to international travel when completing the daily symptom check questionnaire. The question, “Have you returned from international travel in the past 10 days?” will take the daily questionnaire from three to four questions.

If a user has traveled internationally within 10 days, ResponsiBLUE provides further instructions on how they can most safely and appropriately return to campus. 

COVID-19 testing data coming from the asymptomatic Community Sampling and Tracking Program will update in the app almost immediately while there is a short lag for data coming from University Health Service or Occupational Health Services, where individuals with symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19 are tested.

“ResponsiBLUE app developers continue to monitor the app’s functionality and work to expand and improve its capabilities as guided by the Campus Health Response Committee,” Behm said.


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