FAQ – Disruptive Activity Policy Survey


Is the survey anonymous? What information is gathered about participants, and is that information tied to individual responses?

The Disruptive Activity Policy survey is anonymous.

Valid University of Michigan credentials are required. The survey is designed to gather opinions and perspectives, not information on who chose to provide the feedback. User name information or other metadata are not being collected.

How will the responses be used? What type of analysis will be done to evaluate the results?

The draft Disruptive Activity Policy was shared in order to solicit qualitative input, perspectives and questions from the university community. All comments collected through the survey will be reviewed by university leadership to help identify improvements to the draft.

To what extent will responses from the survey inform decisions on the policy?

The survey’s purpose is to draw on the vast expertise and diverse perspectives of the Ann Arbor campus community. University leaders look forward to understanding and incorporating the insights collected.

In addition to the survey, will any other feedback be solicited? Will groups such as the Central Student Government or the Faculty Senate be consulted? Does the newly formed Committee on the University of Michigan Principles on Diversity of Thought and Freedom of Expression have a role?

University leaders are planning to meet with and solicit feedback from a number of stakeholder groups in addition to seeking views through the survey.

The Advisory Committee on the Principles of Thought and Freedom of Expression is, among other things, charged with understanding the state of diversity of thought and freedom of expression on all three campuses and Michigan Medicine. It is not playing a role in formulating or advising on the proposed disruptive activity policy. Individual advisory committee members, like all members of the Ann Arbor campus community, are encouraged to weigh in with feedback.

What should I do if I want to amend or add to my comments after they are submitted?

Respondents should thoughtfully consider their comments prior to submitting the form. The same privacy restrictions that ensure anonymity for participants prevent revisions after a form is submitted.



  1. Leo Leone
    on April 2, 2024 at 9:57 pm

    Please stop disruptive protest from pro Palestine and other groups who do not know how to behave properly.
    They need to keep there protest outside without disrupting classes or events .

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