Enriching Scholarship conference planned for May 4-5


The 2022 University of Michigan Enriching Scholarship conference, set for May 4-5, will highlight the range of instructional tools and approaches that reveal the implicit or unspoken assumptions and expectations in the curriculum.

The annual conference, this year titled “Transparency in Teaching and Learning,” brings together U-M instructional faculty, staff and students to share best practices and explore new opportunities that enhance teaching, learning and research.

Sessions will focus on increasing transparency and accessibility, creating diverse perspectives, developing 21st century skills and addressing inequities in technology access.

This free event is hosted by U-M’s Teaching and Technology Collaborative. Each day has its own theme:

  • May 4: Theory & Pedagogy with an afternoon keynote by Tara Yosso, professor in the Graduate School of Education at University of California, Riverside.
  • May 5: Application & Practice with an afternoon keynote by Mary-Ann Winkelmes executive director of the Center for Teaching & Learning at Brandeis University.

Yosso will present on her community cultural wealth model, which has been received nationally and internationally as a paradigm shift for the ways society has traditionally thought about schooling structures, practices and discourse.

She will offer timely insights to those asking questions about how a community cultural wealth lens can inform curriculum, class environments, the relationships among our educational communities and how that knowledge influences the structures and processes of U-M itself.

Winkelmes will present on creating equitable learning opportunities through transparent instruction. Transparent instruction, which includes communication about and examples of relevant knowledge, skills, tasks and criteria for success can offer equitable opportunities for all college students to succeed.

Data from an American Association of Colleges and Universities study identifies transparent instruction by instructors as an equitable teaching intervention that significantly enhances students’ sense of belonging, metacognitive awareness and confidence, with greater gains for historically underserved students.

“I’m pumped to share with, and get feedback from, faculty about the newest application from the Center for Academic Innovation, Lettersmith. Supporting students as writers and creators is a new arena for us, and I can’t wait to hear what people think about what we’ve done so far,” said James Alexander, senior software ambassador and one of the event organizers.



  1. Phill Cameron
    on April 28, 2022 at 11:24 am

    Thank you for this article! As an Enriching Scholarship co-organizer, what I love most about James’ quote is how it exemplifies the energetic enthusiasm that pervades Enriching Scholarship. Attendees are always excited to both learn from their peers, and to share their latest findings, insights, and “Win!” moments.

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