Engineering and LSA student wins prestigious Churchill Scholarship


The College of Engineering and LSA have announced that Karl Winsor of Ann Arbor has received a Churchill Scholarship for graduate study at Cambridge University. 

Karl Winsor

The Churchill Scholarship is one of the most prestigious and academically competitive opportunities of its kind. Fifteen scholarships are awarded each year nationwide among applicants from 103 American colleges and universities.

Winsor is U-M’s 13th Churchill Scholar since the program began in 1959 at the recommendation of Sir Winston Churchill, who wished there always be graduate students from the United States attending the college that bears his name. Churchill College is one of 31 colleges at Cambridge.

Winsor will graduate with dual bachelor’s degrees in honors mathematics and electrical engineering and computer science. He has performed research with Stephen DeBacker, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and professor of mathematics; Igor Markov, professor of electrical engineering and computer science; and Yaoyun Shi, professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

Winsor’s most impressive research achievements to date, however, have been with Professor Steven J. Miller, director of the SMALL REU program at Williams College. Their collaborative work to date has generated a number of professional conference presentations and five accepted or submitted papers.

Winsor’s research covers topics relating to complex dynamics, elliptical curves and the L-functions, and quantum computation.

Winsor has won numerous awards for his work, including a 2015 Goldwater Scholarship, the Evelyn O. Bychinsky Award and M. S. Keeler Scholarship in mathematics, and Regents Merit Scholarship in Engineering. He tutors area middle and high school students through Michigan’s Math Circle and is president of the Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students.

Winsor plans to pursue a Master of Advanced Study in pure mathematics at Cambridge and then a Ph.D. in mathematics.



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