Diag stone repairs to improve area around iconic bronze ‘M’


A treasured symbol on the University of Michigan’s Central Campus is getting a makeover just in time for the fall semester.

With the help of donor funds, a construction project is underway to replace the existing stone surrounding the bronze ‘M’ on the Diag.

To address cracking and deterioration, a Diag Improvements Project has been established to replace and repair the surface materials in the area and their subbase infrastructures.

Initial work includes replacing the stone surrounding the iconic “M” and its existing concrete subbase — a project supported by funds from a donor knowledgeable about stone construction.

Photo of stone work underway at the Diag
Work is underway on the Diag to replace cracked and deteriorating stones around the iconic bronze ‘M.’ (Photo by Steve Culver, The University Record)

The effort costs about $200,000, with donor funds covering half of expenses.

The Giallo Veneziano stone material that will be installed matches the existing stone and the current shape and pattern will remain the same.

The ‘M’ will be removed during construction and reset in the new stone. A new fiber reinforced concrete base will also be installed on a sand subbase.

The work is expected to be complete prior to the start of the fall semester.


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