U-M will begin demolishing old lumber yard sheds on the southern section of university-owned property on South Fifth Avenue this week. Demolition is expected to continue through August.

The university purchased 6.54 acres of land from Fingerle Lumber in December 2018.

Site preparation for additional permit parking will follow the demolition. Approximately 250 yellow permit spaces are anticipated this fall for continued parking activity. Long-term uses for the property are still being considered.

At a presentation given at the July 18 Board of Regents meeting, University Planner Sue Gott indicated the area could be a future site for a residence hall that would replace Mary Markley Hall.

The Westside BBQ, AA Builders and the former Fingerle Product Showcase buildings will remain while university officials continue to evaluate the structures, and to provide sufficient time for the BBQ and Ann Arbor Builders to consider alternatives.

The property is strategically located on Central Campus along South Fifth Avenue, south of East Madison Street.

Photo of workers from Homrich demolishing university property on South Fifth Avenue.
Workers from Homrich have begun demolishing buildings on university property on South Fifth Avenue. (Photo by Steve Culver, The University Record)