Congress updates ethics rules, Lobbying Disclosure Act

As of Jan. 1, new federal ethics and lobbying rules are in effect. Congress updated both the Lobbying Disclosure Act and the Congressional Gift Rules to tighten ethics and lobbying rules to address several ethical breaches and counter public perception of institutional corruption on Capitol Hill.

The University, as a registered lobbying entity, now will have to file a federal lobbying report quarterly instead of semi-annually. There also are more stringent rules regarding gifts (meals, entertainment and anything else of value) and travel.

While the new rules provide for some exemptions for public entities, it is expected that University employees who interact with federal policymakers will read and become familiar with the rules of the House and Senate regarding gifts and travel.

For more details on how these new rules impact the University and individuals, please refer to the memo posted on the Government Relations Web site at; or contact Cindy Bank, assistant director for the U-M Washington, D.C., office, at


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