2020 Presidential Debate Core Team


The core team is charged with planning and coordinating the many aspects of the Oct. 15, 2020, presidential debate, under the supervision of the Debate Steering Committee.

Core team leaders

  • Catherine Carver, operations co-lead, 2020 Presidential Debate Initiative
  • Ann Zalucki, operations co-lead, 2020 Presidential Debate Initiative

Core team members

  • Jenna Bednar, director, Michigan in Washington Program
  • Jack Bernard, associate general counsel
  • Laura Blake Jones, dean of students
  • Akin Bryant, executive lieutenant, Division of Public Safety and Security
  • Mary Jo Callan, director, Ginsberg Center
  • John Ciorciari, director, Weiser Diplomacy Center
  • Dilip Das, assistant vice provost for academic affairs
  • James DeVaney, associate vice provost and executive director, Academic Innovation
  • Paul Dunlop, associate athletic director for facility operations
  • Shelly Fabrizio, associate athletic director for operations and events
  • Rick Fitzgerald, assistant vice president of communications for public affairs
  • Michelle French, project manager senior, Human Resources Strategy and Planning
  • Ben Gerstein, president, Central Student Government
  • Elaine Hanke, director, Conference and Event Services
  • Jeffery Harrold, coordinator for academic standards and special populations, LSA
  • Mike Hilliard, assistant vice president for development, leadership giving
  • Bob Jones, executive director for support services, ITS
  • Aaron Kall, director, Debate Program and Michigan Debate Institutes
  • Laura Lessnau, director, Michigan News
  • Frances Mueller, associate vice provost for academic and budgetary affairs
  • Andy Palms, executive director of infrastructure, ITS
  • Amy Peters, assistant director of business services, ITS
  • Susan Pile, senior director, university unions and Student Life auxiliary services
  • Jo Ann Preissner, associate director, Office of Budget and Planning
  • Michael Rein, director of community relations, Office of Government Relations
  • Dave Schueler, vice president for alumni engagement and program delivery, Alumni Association
  • John Seto, deputy director, Division of Public Safety and Security
  • Nikki Sunstrum, director of social media and public engagement
  • Stephen Yaros, project manager, Office of the President

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