The core team is charged with planning and coordinating the many aspects of the Oct. 15, 2020, presidential debate, under the supervision of the Debate Steering Committee.

Core team leaders

  • Catherine Carver, operations co-lead, 2020 Presidential Debate Initiative
  • Ann Zalucki, operations co-lead, 2020 Presidential Debate Initiative

Core team members

  • Jenna Bednar, director, Michigan in Washington Program
  • Jack Bernard, associate general counsel
  • Laura Blake Jones, dean of students
  • Akin Bryant, executive lieutenant, Division of Public Safety and Security
  • Mary Jo Callan, director, Ginsberg Center
  • John Ciorciari, director, Weiser Diplomacy Center
  • Dilip Das, assistant vice provost for academic affairs
  • James DeVaney, associate vice provost and executive director, Academic Innovation
  • Paul Dunlop, associate athletic director for facility operations
  • Shelly Fabrizio, associate athletic director for operations and events
  • Rick Fitzgerald, assistant vice president of communications for public affairs
  • Michelle French, project manager senior, Human Resources Strategy and Planning
  • Ben Gerstein, president, Central Student Government
  • Elaine Hanke, director, Conference and Event Services
  • Jeffery Harrold, coordinator for academic standards and special populations, LSA
  • Mike Hilliard, assistant vice president for development, leadership giving
  • Bob Jones, executive director for support services, ITS
  • Aaron Kall, director, Debate Program and Michigan Debate Institutes
  • Laura Lessnau, director, Michigan News
  • Frances Mueller, associate vice provost for academic and budgetary affairs
  • Andy Palms, executive director of infrastructure, ITS
  • Amy Peters, assistant director of business services, ITS
  • Susan Pile, senior director, university unions and Student Life auxiliary services
  • Jo Ann Preissner, associate director, Office of Budget and Planning
  • Michael Rein, director of community relations, Office of Government Relations
  • Dave Schueler, vice president for alumni engagement and program delivery, Alumni Association
  • John Seto, deputy director, Division of Public Safety and Security
  • Nikki Sunstrum, director of social media and public engagement
  • Stephen Yaros, project manager, Office of the President