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January 20, 2019

2018 DDLA team awards

December 11, 2018

2018 DDLA team awards

Comprehensive Gender Services Program Team

Photo of the Comprehensive Gender Services TeamFrom left: Stephen Rassi, Sara Wiener, Liz Rooney

(Absent: Paul Cederna, Scherlyna Comer, Robert Gilman, Jennifer Gostlin, Miriam Hadj-Mousse, Anita Hernandez, William Kuzon Jr, Bahaa Malaeb, Erika Mayans, Molly Moravek, Christina Murphy, Dana Ohl, Carissa Orizondo, Jeffrey Ohrringen, Julie Prussack, John Randolph Jr, Phillip Rodgers, Daniel Schumer, Greg Schumer, Daphna Stroumsa, Edwin Wilkins, Joy Williams, Justine Wu, Erica Marsh)

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Graduate Student Support Group, UM-Dearborn

Photo of Grad Student Support Team at UM-DearbornFrom left: Sherry Boyd, Amanda Donovan, Rebekah Atwood, Deidra Berry

(Absent: Joey Woods, Michael Hicks)

We Listen Staff Planning Committee

 Photo of the We Listen Team

From left: Erin Byrnes, Jessica McCuaig, Sarah Wagner, Tina Griffith

(Absent: Shelly Anzalone, Shane Harrell, Ariel Mallett)

UM-Flint Women's Commission

Photo of the UM-Flint Women's Commission TeamFrom left: Greg Laurence, Jessica Tischler, Sandra Alberto, Theresa Landis

(Absent: Jennifer Alvey, Erin Kingsley, Patrice Hatcher, Seung-Jin Lee, Mary Linton, Amanda Magnuson, Beth Manning, Vanessa Rygoski, Charlotte Tang, Tracy Wacker)

 IDEA Committee of the Career Services Network

Photo of the IDEA Team

Front row, from left: Joelle Fundaro Randall, Chelsea Moore, Shelagh Saénz, Joanna Kroll

Back row, from left: Michelle Woods, Amy Fredell, Laura Mayers, Kelly Wagner, Emma Frazier (Absent: Valerie Adams and Lou Ecken Kidd)

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