2013 Distinguished Diversity Leadership Award team winners


Five staff teams were honored with Distinguished Diversity Leadership Awards on Tuesday. Read more about the awards.

Understanding Race theme semester co-chairs, from left: Kelly Maxwell, Amy Harris, Shari Robinson-Lynk and Martha Jones (not shown). (Photo by Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

U-M Detroit Center staff, from left: Feodies Shipp III; Mike Morland; Addell Austin Anderson; Alexis Ellis and Joshua Dykes. (Photo by Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

Graduate Student Success Team – Rackham, from left: Sabrina Miller, Mark Kamimura-Jimenez, Regina Sims, Paula Wishart, Natalie Bartolacci, Larry Rowley, Gisselle Velez-Ruiz, Deborah Willis, Luciana Aenasoaie, Debby Mitchell, Elizabeth Werbe and Ellen Meader. (Photo by Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery Diversity Committee, from left: Amanda Thatcher; Heidi Wilson; David Brown. (Photo by Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

Social & Behavioral Issues in Medicine course team, from left, Dr. Preeti Malani, Dr. Arno Kumagai, Heather Wagenschutz and Dr. Eric Skye. (Photo courtesy of the team)


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