$1,000,000 moves no sweat for experienced movers

When it comes to moving—personal belongings, expensive equipment or their offices—people often get uptight.

But they don’t need to be anxious about campus moves, says Kenneth R. McCrath, who has arranged moves of millions of dollars of equipment for the College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

“I don’t even stand and watch anymore,” confesses McCrath. “I trust them.”

Six years ago Moving and Trucking moved EECS from the south wing of the East Engineering Building—all five floors—to North Campus.

McCrath is sold on the professionalism of the movers and foremen Michael T. Karas and Larry T. Vaughn.

“I wouldn’t even think about going outside. They share so much experience moving expensive, delicate equipment,” he says.

Recently McCrath referred Moving and Trucking to a colleague who needed equipment moved from a local firm to the U-M. McCrath suggested he also get a quote from an outside mover.

The colleague found Moving and Trucking was not only competitive, but also more cooperative.

For estimates or information, call Karas or Vaughn at 764-2487.


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