1. May 2, 2014

    Behind the paywall: How media can boost online revenue

    It’s an ongoing debate for online publications: How much content should be free and how much should go behind a paywall?

  2. May 2, 2014

    Viruses hijack deep-sea bacteria at hydrothermal vents

    More than a mile beneath the ocean’s surface, as dark clouds of mineral-rich water billow from seafloor hot springs called hydrothermal vents, unseen armies of viruses and bacteria wage war.

  3. April 28, 2014

    LSA senior has recipe to healthier diet

    Food is at the center of Sepideh Ashrafzadeh’s life. As a teenager she watched her mother reduce fat, salt and sugar in her family’s traditional Persian recipes and saw her grandfather’s health improve. Impressed with the results, she collaborated with her mother and sister to revise 40 recipes and in 2012 published them as a…
  4. April 28, 2014

    Prehistoric caribou hunting structure found beneath Lake Huron

    Underwater archaeologists led by a U-M faculty member have discovered evidence of prehistoric caribou hunts underneath Lake Huron.

  5. April 25, 2014

    Found: An Earth-sized planet that might hold liquid water

    In a dim and faraway solar system, astronomers have for the first time discovered a rocky, Earth-sized planet that might hold liquid water — a necessary ingredient for life as we know it.

  6. April 25, 2014

    Pollution top concern for U.S. and Canadian citizens around Great Lakes

    A new Great Lakes survey by U.S. and Canadian researchers represents one of the largest attempts in recent decades to assess public views on a wide range of issues in the Great Lakes basin.

  7. April 18, 2014

    Prolonged and heavy bleeding during menopause is common

    Women going through menopause most likely think of it as the time for an end to predictable monthly periods. Researchers at the University of Michigan say it’s normal, however, for the majority of them to experience an increase in the amount and duration of bleeding episodes, which may occur at various times throughout the menopausal transition.

  8. April 18, 2014

    Moth study suggests hidden climate change impacts

    A 32-year study of subarctic forest moths in Finnish Lapland suggests that scientists may be underestimating the impacts of climate change on animals and plants because much of the harm is hidden from view.

  9. April 18, 2014

    Genes increase stress of social disadvantage for some children

    Genes amplify the stress of harsh environments for some children and magnify the advantage of supportive environments for other children, according to a study that’s one of the first to document how genes interacting with social environments affect biomarkers of stress.

  10. April 18, 2014

    Men, women in more satisfying relationships have lower testosterone

    Many people assume that the more testosterone, the better, but a new University of Michigan study finds that might not always be the case in romantic relationships.