Survey Research Center

  1. June 8, 2023

    Non-LSD hallucinogen use rising among young adults

    Young adults ages 19-30 nearly doubled their past-12-month use of non-LSD hallucinogens in the United States from 2018-21, according to a study by U-M and Columbia University.

  2. March 31, 2022

    One-fifth of older Americans experience food insufficiency

    More than 20% of older adults in the United States will experience food insufficiency at some point in their 60s and 70s, according to a U-M study.

  3. December 7, 2021

    U-M receives $4M to study U.S. wealth inequality, transmission

    A U-M research team at the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics has received a $4 million grant to map the unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity across the United States.

  4. September 28, 2021

    U-M lab gets $13.2M to address substance abuse disorders

    A U-M lab focused on developing cutting-edge methods to inform effective interventions for drug abuse, HIV and other chronic conditions has been awarded a $13.2 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

  5. May 20, 2021

    Kathleen Cagney named Institute for Social Research director

    Kathleen A. Cagney, a professor of sociology and former deputy dean at the University of Chicago, has been named director of U-M’s Institute for Social Research.

  6. April 15, 2021

    ER visits for suicidal behavior down in pandemic’s early months

    A U-M study suggests the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and state-of-emergency executive orders likely did not increase suicide-related behavior in the early months of the outbreak.

  7. January 9, 2020

    Researchers get $6.7M to study poverty’s effect on brain systems

    U-M researchers have won a $6.7 million grant to study how poverty-related adversity increases risk for anxiety and depression, especially for low-income and African-American people.

  8. September 3, 2019

    Matthew Shapiro named director of Survey Research Center

    Matthew D. Shapiro has been named director of the Survey Research Center, the world’s leading university-based center for survey research in the social sciences.

  9. May 14, 2018

    Medicaid expansion leaves more money in recipients’ pockets

    Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act reduced out-of-pocket medical expenses, allowing the poorest Americans to allocate their money for other life necessities, a new U-M study shows.

  10. May 24, 2017

    Black youth, teen girls, see slower decline in frequent binge drinking

    U-M researchers have found the proportion of teens who frequently binge drink has declined, but that decline is slower among black youth, adolescent girls and adolescents of a low socioeconomic status.