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January 21, 2018

Staff Spotlight

January 15, 2018

Disney on Ice performer works to reduce childhood obesity

After graduating high school, Brad Newman wasn't sure about his next step. His path led him to skating with Disney on Ice.

"I thought I'd join the company for one to two years and pursue education later. I ended up staying for five years," he said.

December 4, 2017

Glass-washer turned lab manager shares tale of triumph

Beginning as a glass-washer at the Life Sciences Institute in 2007, Ulla Lilienthal never would have guessed that 10 years later she would work as a lab manager in LSI.

"If I would have planned this, it never would have happened," said Lilienthal, senior research laboratory technician in Research Associate Professor Melanie Ohi's lab.

July 5, 2017

Academic adviser helped students get home from Egypt

It was the beginning of 2011, and Sofia Carlsson was on a plane back to the United States after spending a week in Aleppo, Syria, and Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt.

Just three days later, the Arab Spring would begin.

March 20, 2017

Chef looks back on U-M culinary transformation

Standing anxiously in the corner, Chef "Buzz" watches as his dish is served to 30 hungry students in a private dining room at South Quad. They are sampling a new creation: a donut filled with chipotle chocolate and … pork.

March 13, 2017

Dental school staff member takes on dancing, sailing

From ballroom dancing to sailing, Julie Kelsea's free time is full of adventure. As a health information analyst at the School of Dentistry, Kelsea spends most of her days working with patient records.

February 20, 2017

Professional development mentor shares passion for world travel

Janice Reuben's boat was floating amidst a pod of killer whales near Victoria Island, Vancouver, when the matriarch casually breached the surface of the water. Suddenly, dozens of orcas leapt out of the water, creating a serendipitous, dazzling display of nature's elegant beauty, she recalls.

February 6, 2017

Library staff member creates narrative with card game

Some people take up golf as a hobby. Robert Havey, who also enjoys time on the links, competitively plays Magic The Gathering. Havey has been playing the competitive card game for 20 years after learning from a neighbor.

From then on he was hooked.

January 16, 2017

UMMA technician preserves art for future generations

The deterioration and resulting need for preservation of art motivates and inspires Kate Holoka.

A fascination with Japanese printmaking has led Holoka to create a home studio with a printing press of her own. Her focus is on traditional methods of printmaking, such as engraving copper plates and carving woodblocks.

January 9, 2017

The Second City alumnus talks comedy and IM sports

What do you get when you cross stuffed unicorns and recreational athletes? You get Andy Boehnlein, The Second City alumnus and coordinator of intramural sports at the University of Michigan.

December 12, 2016

Graphic designer shares love of classic motorcycles

Going 15 miles per hour in a cramped parking lot, Julian Weisensel slammed on the brakes of his motorcycle and flew over the handlebars, crashing onto the asphalt right in front of his motorcycle safety instructor.

November 14, 2016

Research coordinator enjoys time on the baseball field

Any American can relate to the thrill of attending a professional baseball game. However, as a member of the Detroit Tigers' Energy Squad, Katie Wopinsky can relate more than most.

"(The squad members) are the most intelligent group of women I've ever met. Most of us are friends for life. It's pretty amazing," she said.

August 15, 2016

UMHS registered nurse finds treasure in the ashes of Fort McMurray

The historic fire raged weeks before. Still, a bonfire smell lingered.

Kevin Leeser took time off from his job as a registered nurse at the University of Michigan Health System to lead volunteers raking through ashes in burned-out basements in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

They discovered something greater than gold.


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