August 13, 2020

MLK Symposium

  1. January 8, 2018

    Adewale Troutman to deliver Health Sciences Lecture

    Adewale Troutman, a health equity advocate and public health expert, will deliver the Martin Luther King Jr. Health Sciences Lecture.

  2. January 8, 2018

    ‘Porgy and Bess’ symposium to tackle cultural appropriation

    The multi-day “Porgy and Bess” symposium will explore the issues of race, representation and cultural appropriation that surround this iconic 20th century American opera.

  3. January 8, 2018

    Emory professor to explore concept of white rage

    Carol Anderson, an Emory University professor and author, will discuss white rage and its role in history during the Donia Human Rights Center Distinguished Lecture.

  4. January 8, 2018

    Carillonist to use music against silence

    A historic work of carillon music penned by African-American composer Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson will ring across campus as part of “Music Against Silence.” Tiffany Ng, university carillonist and assistant professor of carillon, will perform Nelson’s 1973 “Carillon Dances.”

  5. January 7, 2018

    Mabel O. Wilson to deliver Taubman lecture

    Columbia University professor Mabel O. Wilson will deliver the A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning’s inaugural Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial lecture.

  6. November 7, 2017

    Author, actor Hill Harper to deliver 2018 MLK Symposium keynote

    Award-winning actor, best-selling author and philanthropist Hill Harper will deliver the 32nd annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium keynote memorial lecture.

  7. October 13, 2017

    2018 MLK Symposium to focus on ‘The Fierce Urgency of Now’

    The theme of the 2018 U-M Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Symposium will be “The Fierce Urgency of Now.” The keynote memorial lecture for the annual symposium will be Jan. 15. 

  8. January 24, 2017

    Activist, writer Shaun King challenges notions of humanity’s progress

    Writer and civil rights activist Shaun King told his audience at Rackham Auditorium that he was not there to inspire them, but to “give you a new lens to see the world.”

  9. January 17, 2017

    MLK Symposium keynote speakers stress value of speaking out

    Keynote speakers at U-M’s annual MLK Symposium honored past and present heroes who have fought for equal rights and representation, and stressed the importance of speaking up in pursuit of the truth.

  10. January 16, 2017

    MLK keynote

    In 1989, California State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown Jr. gave the opening address at Hill Auditorium as part of U-M’s celebrations honoring the great civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.