Energy Institute

  1. September 15, 2020

    Mobility electrification group explores paths to lower emissions

    The President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality is exploring emissions from direct campus operations and purchased power, as well as those from individual actions relating to university business.

  2. August 28, 2018

    Anna Stefanopoulou to serve as director of Energy Institute

    Anna Stefanopoulou, a mechanical engineer with an expertise in modeling, control and optimization of internal combustion engines, batteries and fuel cells, will become director of the U-M Energy Institute.

  3. January 22, 2018

    Bartlett named interim director of U-M Energy Institute

    Bart Bartlett has been named interim director of the U-M Energy Institute while the U-M Office of Research mounts a search for the institute’s next director.

  4. December 1, 2015

    University receives $5.4M for energy efficiency projects

    Two new U.S. Department of Energy grants that total $5.4 million will let U-M engineering researchers work on “transformational” engine and battery projects.

  5. October 2, 2015

    U-M Energy Institute opens world-class battery research lab

    The U-M Energy Institute has opened its Battery Fabrication and Characterization User Facility to further expand the Midwest’s rapidly growing battery research and manufacturing capabilities.

  6. September 17, 2015

    $12M renovation begins at U-M’s nuclear engineering labs

    After more than a decade of dismantling its nuclear reactor, the university has initiated the facility’s second life as the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory.

  7. July 17, 2014

    $3M global sustainability grant to fund projects on three continents

    A team of 17 researchers will tackle sustainability challenges using “multidirectional innovation” funded by a $3 million Third Century Initiative Global Challenges grant.

  8. March 28, 2014

    Shale gas symposium focuses on benefits for manufacturing

    Government and corporate speakers extolled the benefits of increased shale gas production along with continued environmental protections, at a symposium led by U-M.

  9. March 19, 2014

    Survey finds surprising attitudes toward energy costs, environmental impact

    Consumers, on average, believe home energy bills would have to nearly double before forcing them to make lifestyle changes to save on costs, according to a new U-M survey.