artificial intelligence

  1. February 19, 2024

    Campus briefs

    Short news items from around the University of Michigan.

  2. February 14, 2024

    Nearly 15% of Americans deny climate change, study finds

    Using social media data and artificial intelligence in a comprehensive national assessment, a U-M study reveals that nearly 15% of Americans deny that climate change is real.

  3. February 12, 2024

    Campus briefs

    Short news items from around the University of Michigan.

  4. February 6, 2024

    Marsal researcher designs dialogues for AI‑assisted cartoon

    A new PBS KIDS animated series will feature interactive digital episodes that incorporate AI-assisted conversations, thanks to programming designed by a U-M researcher.

  5. December 9, 2023

    Provost’s seminar explores new era of teaching, learning with GenAI

    U-M faculty, staff and administrators discussed how generative artificial intelligence is affecting teaching and learning — and its related challenges — during the fall Provost’s Seminar on Teaching.

  6. November 9, 2023

    Proposals sought for short online courses on AI in the workplace

    The Center for Academic Innovation is accepting proposals from U-M faculty to create short courses that empower learning in the era of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

  7. October 27, 2023

    Grants to spur innovations in generative AI, computational science

    Research teams at U-M will share $575,000 to facilitate high-impact research across a broad range of domains, including sustainable energy and generative artificial intelligence.

  8. August 21, 2023

    ITS debuts custom artificial intelligence services across U‑M

    U-M has launched a suite of custom tools for working with generative artificial intelligence that emphasize equity, accessibility and privacy, enabling students, faculty and staff to access and experiment with the emerging technology.

  9. July 24, 2023

    Advisory report begins integration of generative AI at U-M

    A committee looking into how generative artificial intelligence affects the U-M community has issued a report that attempts to lay a foundation for how U-M will live and work with GenAI.

  10. July 3, 2023

    MIDAS announces new cohort of fellows focusing on AI

    The Michigan Institute for Data Science has announced two new cohorts of postdoctoral fellows, focusing on artificial intelligence and data science methods and research.