In the News

  1. November 20, 2013

    Miles Kimball, professor of economics, was interviewed about his proposal to use electronic money to enable central banks to set negative nominal interest rates, which would have major implications for monetary policy and economic policymaking.

    The Washington Post
  2. November 19, 2013

    Adam Pritchard, professor of law, was quoted regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement that it will hear a case that could herald a dramatic decline in securities class-action litigation.

  3. November 19, 2013

    Michael Traugott, professor of communication studies and political science, was featured in an article about how the Democrat-driven Cash for Clunkers rebate program has been a bigger boon for blue states than red.

    ABC News/USA Today
  4. November 19, 2013

    “The Affordable Care Act is our best framework to provide access to care for millions of Americans. One thing that would help in streamlining care delivery is structural support for advanced practice registered nurses to work to the full extent of their education and certification — nationally, and not just in the 18 states that have expanded scope of practice,” said Kathleen Potempa, dean of the School of Nursing.

    The Wall Street Journal
  5. November 18, 2013

    Bruce Belzowski, assistant research scientist at the U-M Transportation Research Institute, was quoted in an article about plans by electric automaker Tesla Motors to make its own lithium-ion batteries.

    Bloomberg Businessweek
  6. November 18, 2013

    Regarding a push to register new Internet addresses, Charles Severance, clinical associate professor of information, said, “If you start thinking about these top-level domains, we see that .com is valuable. Will .soda, for soda pop vendors, will that be valuable? I think it’ll be more about how they make it valuable rather than just getting it.”

    National Public Radio
  7. November 18, 2013

    Dr. Jeffrey Punch, professor of surgery, was interviewed about efforts to recover lungs, kidneys and other organs from donors who die outside of hospitals.

    The Associated Press
  8. November 17, 2013

    President Mary Sue Coleman co-authored an op-ed article stressing the important role that the humanities play in educating students for future leadership positions.

    The Washington Post
  9. November 17, 2013

    Comments by Sherman Clark, professor of law, were featured in a blog post about law school education.

    The Wall Street Journal
  10. November 17, 2013

    Barry Rabe, professor of public policy and environmental policy, was interviewed about why the state of Michigan has the lowest recycling rate in the Great Lakes region.

    Michigan Radio