Guidelines for submitting online comments in The University Record

The University Record welcomes online comments to stories that are posted on its website. Comments are intended to be a forum for open, respectful and family-friendly discussion.

Posts may be removed for:

  • The use of obscene, threatening, discriminatory, libelous or harassing language.
  • Ad hominem attacks or off-topic comments.
  • Disclosure of information that is confidential by law or regulation.
  • Comments advocating illegal activity or violent actions.
  • Advertisement or promotion of commercial products, services, entities or individuals.
  • Endorsement or opposition of any person campaigning for election to a political office, or promoting or opposing any ballot proposal.
  • Duplicative comment by the same user or multiple users.

Please note:

Anonymous comments are not permitted. A U-M uniqname and password are needed to submit comments on University Record stories, and the name associated with your U-M uniqname will be displayed.

Commenting on all stories will be routinely closed 60 days following publication.

The Record’s comments section is not an official vehicle for voicing concerns about workplace, discrimination or harassment, or compliance issues. The university has a variety of specialized reporting mechanisms where people may address issues in specific areas.

Questions posed in comments are not routinely answered by the Record staff. Readers with questions about information in a Record article are encouraged to seek out the appropriate person from the unit mentioned in the article.

The Record may amend this policy from time to time.

— These guidelines took effect March 23, 2017, and were most recently updated on Jan. 3, 2018.