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July 19, 2019

University cancels plans for new transportation facility

May 24, 2016

University cancels plans for new transportation facility

The University of Michigan has decided not to move forward with plans to build a new transportation operations and maintenance center on North Campus.

The current project, originally approved in May 2014, will be canceled.

"The project development team understands the importance of community engagement in selecting sites for university activities," says Hank Baier, associate vice president for facilities and operations. "In this case, we should have sought input from our neighbors earlier in the development process. Going forward, this will be our practice as we consider uses for this site as well as others."  

Baier said the university may, in the future, bring forward a project to either replace or renovate the existing bus facility on Kipke Drive to better meet the university's needs.

The initial project called for the $38.5 million, 100,000-square-foot building to be constructed near Green Road between Baxter and Hubbard roads, relocating from Kipke Drive on the Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus.

The proposed center was planned to accommodate current and future maintenance space needs, including the flexibility to handle larger, articulated buses.


Sandy Aldrich
on 5/24/16 at 10:46 pm

Thank you for hearing our community voice and acknowledging us. We are grateful for the decision and humbled by our communities engagement.

Pat Settimi
on 5/25/16 at 12:31 pm

Thank you for hearing the concerns of the neighbors in the north east corridor.

Ian Hiskens
on 5/25/16 at 2:44 am

This is wonderful news! Thank you to UM, and in particular Prof Schlissel and the Regents, for listening to the community.

Margaret (Peggy) Carroll
on 5/25/16 at 9:29 am

Thank you for listening to your constituents! President Schlissel and Regents: we appreciate the action you have taken; you have demonstrated that this University is once again worthy of our admiration, love and respect.

Min-Hui Huang
on 5/25/16 at 4:39 pm

THANK YOU President Schlissel and Regents! We appreciate your being willing to listen. This decision directly reflects the UM's commitment in building relationships with the community and the city of Ann Arbor. It has restored my faith in UM as an institution that upholds integrity, truth, and honestly. I'm so PROUD to be a UM alumna and an employee!

James Mitchiner
on 5/25/16 at 6:55 pm

Thank for so much for listening to us! You have made the right decision!

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