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June 17, 2019

U-M Fulbright recipients

February 12, 2015

U-M Fulbright recipients

Fulbright U.S. Scholar grantees

Disciplines within quotation marks are the Fulbright specialization categories in which the award was made.

Natalie Bakopoulos, Lecturer, Department of English Language & Literature, LSA. "Creative Writing"; Research: To Whom Do You Belong? (A Novel); National and Kapodisrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece; February-May 2015

Jacinta Beehner, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, LSA. "Physical Anthropology"; Lecturing/Research: The Timing of Maturation in Wild Geladas: A Vandenbergh Effect? University of Gondar; Gondar, Ethiopia; September 2014-July 2015

Allen Hicken, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, LSA. "Southeast Asian Politics"; Research: Electoral Dynamics in Thailand: Parties, Patronage and Public Goods; Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand; August 2014-February 2015

Heather Laube, Associate Professor and Director, Department of Sociology, UM-Flint. "Sociology"; Lecturing/Research: Feminism and Gender Change in Academia: Creating Sustainable Collaborative Teaching and Research Relationships Among Gender Scholars; Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Graz, Austria; February-July 2015

Mark Nornes, Chair and Professor, Department of Screen Arts & Cultures, Stamps School of Art & Design; and Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, LSA. "Film/Cinema Studies"; Research: The Contemporary Japanese Documentary; University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; July 2014-April 2015

Daniel Saunders, Professor, School of Social Work. "Social Work"; Research: A Cross-National Examination of Intimate Partner Violence Practices and Policies: New Zealand and the United States; University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; February-May 2015

Greta Uehling, Lecturer, Program in International & Comparative Studies, LSA. "Cultural Anthropology"; Research: Memory, History, and Coexistence in Crimea, Ukraine; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine; May 2015-June 2017

Fulbright U.S. Student grantees

The 2014-15 U-M Fulbright U.S. Student grantees, their degrees*, colleges/schools (and departments/programs), Fulbright host countries, and Fulbright projects:

Julia Adams, B.A., LSA (Asian Studies); Taiwan; English Teaching Assistantship

Sophie Boudreau, B.A., LSA (Screen Arts & Cultures); Malaysia; English Teaching Assistantship

Michelle Brown, M.F.A., LSA (Poetry); Kazakhstan; "The Boundary's Presencing: Meditations on Hybridity"

Paula Curtis, Ph.D., LSA (History); Japan; "Forging Power: Metal Casters and Collaborative Networks in Late Medieval Japan"

Ziazan Davidian, B.A., LSA (Linguistics, Near Eastern Studies); Armenia; English Teaching Assistantship

Meghan Forbes, Ph.D., LSA (Czech Literature, German Studies); Germany; "A Mapping of Multiple Centers : Czechs and Germans at the Bauhaus"

Tucker Gaegauf, B.A., LSA (German, History); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship

Steven Goldbaum, B.A., LSA (History); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

Jillian Gross, Ph.D., School of Education (Organizational Behavior & Management); India; "Community Colleges in the Indian Context"

Kelicia Hollis, M.A., School of Education (Higher Education); China; "Chinese Students Preparation, Expectations & Success"

Miles Johnson, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Spanish); Colombia; English Teaching Assistantship

Kaitlin Keane, B.A., LSA (Organizational Studies, Women's Studies); South Korea; English Teaching Assistantship

Mariam Khan, B.A., LSA (Religion); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

Jenny Kreiger, Ph.D., LSA (Classical Art and Archaeology); Italy; "The Business of Commemoration: a Comparative Study of Catacomb Workshops of Naples & Rome"

Henry Leung, M.F.A., LSA (Fiction); Hong Kong; "Any Other Way of Telling: Aesthetic Discontinuity in Literary Hong Kong"

Anna MacCourt, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology and History); India; "Courts, Kings and Clerics: Archaeology and History of Elite Culture in Ancient Gujarat"

Aaron Martin, B.A., LSA (German Studies); Russia; English Teaching Assistantship

Ashley Miller, Ph.D., LSA (History of Art, Museum Studies); Morocco; "Representing Cultural Heritage in French Colonial Morocco, ca. 1880-1930"

Christine Sargent, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); Jordan; "Disability, Citizenship, and the Politics of Inclusion in Jordan"

Aleksandr Sklyar, Ph.D., LSA (Sociocultural Anthropology); Japan; "Voluntary Relocation: Family Decisions in Post-Fukushima Japan"

Katherine Steen, B.A., LSA (English, Secondary Education); Slovak Republic; English Teaching Assistantship

Ryan Stock, M.S., School of Natural Resources and the Environment (Environmental Policy & Environmental Justice); India; "Adaptive Synergies: Building Resiliency Through Rural Institutions in Nagnesh, Gujarat, India

Hazel Unger, M.A., LSA (Middle Eastern and North African Studies); Morocco; English Teaching Assistantship

Kelsey Valente, B.A., LSA (Linguistics, Spanish); Colombia; English Teaching Assistantship

Nathan VanderVeen, B.S., LSA (Spanish, Biochemistry); Brazil; English Teaching Assistantship

Andrew Walker, Ph.D., LSA (History); Spain; "Conciliation of Extremes: Haiti and the Negotiation of Revolution in the Spanish Atlantic"

Cheryl Yin, Ph.D., LSA (Linguistic Anthropology); Cambodia; "Khmer Honorifics: Lingering Effects of the Khmer Rouge in Language Today"

Emily Yu, M.P.H., School of Public Health (Industrial Hygiene); Ghana; "Agbogbloshie: The Consequences of E-waste Recycling"

* Degrees listed are either the highest degree attained or the degree currently in progress.

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