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August 19, 2019

U-M Athletics finalizes Nike apparel agreement

April 26, 2016

U-M Athletics finalizes Nike apparel agreement

The University of Michigan has finalized and updated its agreement with Nike Inc. to become the Wolverines' official athletic footwear, apparel and equipment provider.

Nike will supply all 31 of U-M's athletics programs with uniforms, footwear, apparel and equipment. U-M and Nike also will collaborate throughout the agreement on innovation initiatives in sports technology, design and best practices.

The agreement is valued at $173.8 million. That includes a $12 million initial payment to the university, $76.8 million in total annual payments and $85 million in apparel. The partnership takes effect Aug. 1 and runs through 2027, with an option to extend the agreement to 2031.

Here are some additional details about the partnership:

• U-M and Nike will collaborate throughout the agreement on innovation initiatives in sports technology, design and best practices including at least two community events per year that support and celebrate education in health and wellness initiatives.

• Included in the partnership are three student summer internships at Nike headquarters.

• The agreement includes use of the Jordan Brand "Jumpman" apparel for men's and women's basketball and football.

• Throughout the partnership, Nike will abide by the Nike Code of Conduct, which meets, exceeds or has equivalent treatment of all requirements in the U-M Code of Conduct for Licensees in addressing labor standards.

The agreement provides that Nike makes available the list of factories where collegiate product is made and provides for independent, external monitoring and investigation of those factories by third parties mutually agreed upon by U-M and Nike.

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Kranthi Bandaru
on 4/26/16 at 7:46 am

Would UofM community get any early discounts as a part of engagement?

Britain Woodman
on 4/26/16 at 1:38 pm

I would love to be able to purchase some athletics-style gear, like a warmup jacket or a polo, with additional identification, like a unit or department name embroidered near the M. I mean, we all consider ourselves The Victors, right?

John Luther
on 4/26/16 at 8:37 am

What types of internships? Which school/college will these internships be offered to and how will credit be arranged? Are these internships only for athletes? More details please!

Maria Castro
on 4/26/16 at 10:56 am

Can you please confirm that the apparel is made in the USA, and not in sweat shops in India, China and/or Mexico? This is very important to your constituency!

Boshen Wu
on 4/26/16 at 7:16 pm


John Herold
on 4/27/16 at 12:17 am

The apparel is made in "approved" shops where people may sweat..but they have been visited and checked to see that labor standards that have been set by an organization that is charging all manufacturers for their inspection services and certification, are being met as demanded by the Institutions buying Nike apparel.

MR. B.
on 6/12/16 at 4:28 pm

Nike makes great quality clothes and shoes that are made overseas Nike is American company.

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