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December 12, 2018

Regents to Schlissel: 'We think you are doing a great job'

September 14, 2017

Regents to Schlissel: 'We think you are doing a great job'

Topic: Regents

Members of the Board of Regents praised President Mark Schlissel for his leadership as the University of Michigan heads into its third century as one of the world's leading research universities.

Reporting Thursday on their annual review of the president, regents said they wanted to "celebrate not only the greatness of our institution, but of its leadership" in this bicentennial year of the university. U-M was established in 1817 in Detroit.

Regent Andrew Richner, board vice chair, introduced the annual evaluation by saying: "We think you are doing a great job."

Richner cited high academic rankings, a record number of applications for admission, a focus on affordability, a successful fundraising campaign, a commitment to diversity and the expansion of Michigan Medicine as among the president's accomplishments in the previous year.

"We are very grateful for your service," said Richner, who also introduced a 3.5 percent salary increase for the president, which was unanimously approved. His new base salary will be $823,523, effective Sept. 1.

In more detailed written remarks, regents called Schlissel a "well-respected leader throughout the academy, he is putting us on a plane with the great private research universities with far more financial resources. In some important rankings, we are first among the public universities."

Regent Ronald Weiser praised the strong leadership team that has helped the president accomplish his objectives.

"We want to acknowledge the personal characteristics that contribute to President Schlissel's success: He is articulate, intelligent and a man of integrity and humility. In sum, the Board of Regents would like to commend and appropriately recognize the job President Schlissel has performed in his third year," the board's statement concludes.

Schlissel thanked the board for its constructive feedback and confidence. "This wouldn't be the great university that it is without a long-term partnership with the executive leadership and the board," the president said.


Kim Cameron
on 9/15/17 at 4:06 pm

You may want to take a confidential poll of President Schlissel's staff. You may find a rather autocratic style with a less-then-flourishing internal climate.

Jen M
on 10/28/17 at 11:29 pm

I believe the President is doing a decent job, but he has not been successful in hiring a CIO that represents the University as we deserve to be. We are currently overcompensating a CIO that is notoriously proving she is the opposite of the positive attributes that the President wants to be recognized for and is not competent in any form of achievement. She has been here a year, what has she done but cause strife amongst her peers and all her staff? How much negative publicity does it take before we take action as a University and help the CIO move on to somewhere else?

University Record
on 11/05/17 at 12:46 pm

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Jeff Abrahms
on 11/07/17 at 11:44 pm

I wouldn't consider having the current CIO as one of his hires as success. When is she going to start proving her value because we pay her a lot. Is she worth our tuition dollars? What I've seen and heard, the answer would be no.

Steve Agosta
on 11/08/17 at 10:50 pm

The president would be doing a better job if he had a new CIO and new IT leadership across the institution. The current teams over infrastructure and applications are not equipped or skilled to move us into the future. We are spending significant university funds in an unnecessary fashion because they lack the capability to even move us into the cloud correctly. They are touting at 10 year plan, that is a long time to buy job security while staring at a problem. Please let's eliminate the existing IT until the problem is solved, and start from scratch.

University Record
on 11/11/17 at 8:39 am

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Matt Waters
on 11/15/17 at 9:24 pm

The President would be doing a better job if he were to remove the leadership in ITS and consolidate where he could with HITS, campus, and SSC. We don't need such a redundant and inefficient cost center that is draining our funds from being invested towards the mission. He has given her over a year to try to accomplish something positive, and she has floundered continuously and is not helping anyone. He has been beyond fair to her, now is the time for him to be fair to the rest of the University. Mr.President, you have given her the good college try, but it's time to cut our loses. You will be more respected if you would show the importance of accountability and merit and how important it is for us to truly live by the words leader and best.

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