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March 20, 2019

Campus parking permit rates will rise 2 percent per year

April 20, 2017

Campus parking permit rates will rise 2 percent per year

Topic: Regents

University of Michigan parking permit rates will increase annually by 2 percent for fiscal years 2018-20. The permit increase was received Thursday by the Board of Regents.

The increase in parking permit fees for all four tiers will support the parking and transportation system including operations, maintenance and debt service for new construction.

Current parking permit rates per year are $1,774 for gold and $722 for blue. In an effort to promote remote parking that is available within U-M bus route or walking distance, lower cost yellow and orange permits are available for $158 and $78 per year.

Annual increases for fiscal years 2014-16 were 4.5 percent per year for gold and 2.5 percent per year for blue. An increase of 3 percent for all permit categories was approved for fiscal year 2017 and funded the parking and transportation strategic plan.

The U-M Logistics, Transportation & Parking Department and city of Ann Arbor promote and provide alternative transportation options including 12 U-M bus routes, vanpools, carpools, the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority's fixed-route buses and ExpressRide, a commuter bus service.

(Editor's note: This story has been edited from its original version to clarify the price increase was presented to the Board of Regents as an information item.)

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Deborah Arnoldy
on 4/24/17 at 8:41 am

Parking here at UofM is very expensive as it is. If RNs start later shifts often times there is not parking available in the dedicated lots. With anticipation of building additional Hospital space parking must be considered in this plan. Parking here is annoying at best, and often times patients and their family members have the same complaints. What is it that will be offered along with the increased rates? Any guarantee that parking spots will be available (blue) for the times that our shifts start? Over-selling of parking spots needs to be evaluated, so that people who purchase the spots can actually have a spot available to them for the time of day their shift starts. RNs work very hard and our money is not easy to come by, so when we spend it on purchasing parking; parking should be available. Thank you.

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