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December 13, 2018

MCubed incentive programs and networking event

September 17, 2015

MCubed incentive programs and networking event

Sustainability incentive program

In an effort to encourage sustainability research, the Graham Sustainability Institute is offering incentives for three cubes to form a "block," essentially a mini center, to work on a sustainability problem. The block will receive an additional $10,000, office space and staff support. The block could be made of mini cubes or classic cubes. Interested researchers should email John Callewaert at

Bicentennial incentive program

Cubes that aim to enhance understanding of a Bicentennial theme with respect to U-M’s history, present or future could be eligible for additional support. Cubes must also agree to report results during the Bicentennial year in a way that supports the mission, such as at a Bicentennial festival or other event.

Selected cubes will receive an additional $6,000. Mini cubes will receive $1,500. The Bicentennial Office will promote the projects. Interested researchers should email Gary Krenz at

Health collaborator networking event

A brainstorm session and workshop for faculty members working on a variety of health-related areas will be from 4-6 p.m. Sept.23 in the Biomedical Science Research Building Seminar Rooms.

Topics of interest include: big data and personalized medicine; cancer, stem cells and tissue engineering; neurodegenerative disease, eldercare and therapeutic delivery; obesity, microbes, inflammation, vaccine development and food addictions.

MCubed Health: Project Ideation is sponsored by Fast Forward Medical Innovation. Register at

— Nicole Casal Moore, Michigan News

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