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August 18, 2019

Major contract terms for head football coach Jim Harbaugh

December 30, 2014

Major contract terms for head football coach Jim Harbaugh

Topic: Athletics

• Seven-year contract, $5 million annually with 10 percent increases after years three and five.

• Incentive payments based on performance related to Big Ten championships, bowl appearances, coaching awards and team academic performance:

Conference performance

Team plays in Big Ten Championship Game: $125,000; or team wins Big Ten Championship Game: $250,000

Post-season performance

Team plays in bowl game selected by College Football Playoff Selection Committee: $200,000; or team plays in four-team College Football Playoff Game: $300,000

Team wins national championship game: $500,000

Coach of the year

Big Ten Coach of the Year (by vote of Big Ten coaches): $50,000

Associated Press, Paul "Bear" Bryant, Sporting News, Walter Camp, Maxwell Football Club, or ABC/ESPN National Coach of the Year (can only achieve one per year): $75,000

Academic performance

Academic Progress Rate (APR) of 960 or higher (both multi- and single-year calculation): up to $150,000 per year

• $2 million signing bonus

• Following review by the athletic director on the progress of the football program after the 2015 season, the University of Michigan will determine an appropriate deferred compensation arrangement.