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June 19, 2018

University releases annual salary report

December 17, 2013

University releases annual salary report

Faculty and staff salaries at the university’s Ann Arbor campus increased at modest rates for 2013-14.

The U-M Health System, including the Medical School, has delayed implementation of its merit programs until January 2014. So, as of the report date of Nov. 1, base pay for faculty, staff and executive officers across the Health System do not show an increase. The increases will take effect in January.

According to figures from the university’s salary report released Tuesday, faculty salary increases for all campus averaged 2.5 percent. Salary increases for all campus staff averaged 1 percent.

If all Health System faculty and staff are excluded, including those at the Medical School, increases as of Nov. 1 for Ann Arbor were as follows: faculty salary increases averaged 3.8 percent and staff salary increases averaged 2.3 percent.

Merit salary increases for executive officers averaged 2.5 percent.

The 2013-14 Faculty and Staff Salary Disclosure Report is now available on the Human Resources website.