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May 21, 2018

U-M statements regarding President Coleman’s halftime remarks

November 11, 2013

U-M statements regarding President Coleman’s halftime remarks

Topic: Campus News

University statement

The awkward audio of University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman’s remarks during halftime at Saturday’s football game resulted when she attempted to slow her speech to deal with significant feedback from the stadium public address system.

She, absolutely, had not been drinking alcohol. I want to underscore that point in the strongest possible way.

All day long Saturday, President Coleman was attending events related to the launch of the Victors for Michigan fundraising campaign. No alcohol was served at those events.

At the stadium President Coleman hosted a non-alcoholic reception for alumni and donors in the president's box in the stadium.

Her recognition at halftime was unexpected and the wireless microphone she was using is not one with which she had any prior experience. There was significant wind, feedback and, even under the best conditions, the sound is distorted in the stadium when a wireless mic is used.

She struggled with the feedback and tried to adjust to the sound delay and the reverberation by slowing down her words.

She had hoped to communicate her gratitude for the recognition and her enthusiasm for Michigan.

It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that led to the audio distortion.

- University Spokesperson Rick Fitzgerald


Athletic Department statement

We were trying to do something thoughtful to honor President Coleman for her service to the university and athletic department and unfortunately the sound system backfired on us.

We rarely use live wireless microphones at Michigan Stadium because of the way that sound is distributed; it travels from the north scoreboard across the field to the south.

There was significant wind that caused the sound to be delayed and distorted and created feedback during President Coleman’s speech.

I was with President Mary Sue Coleman and the current social media speculation is without merit and 100% inaccurate. We were together at multiple campus events throughout the day and I walked with her from the suites to the field prior to the halftime recognition.

I have sincerely apologized to President Coleman for the failures in our sound system and the difficult situation this has caused for her.

- Dave Brandon, Michigan Athletic Director