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June 19, 2018

Birth of a thoroughfare

November 11, 2013

Birth of a thoroughfare

Old school: U-M in History

Following the Civil War, circa 1868-74, the Methodist Episcopal Church is the only building to be seen along State Street, looking south of Huron. Courtesy Bentley Historical Library.

This month in history (98 years ago)

In November 1915, as World War I raged in Europe, the University Senate voted overwhelmingly for compulsory military training of students for the first two years of schooling. Carried up to the Board of Regents, the matter was tabled for nearly a year and a half. Then by unanimous action the regents rejected it and adopted instead a plan for voluntary training with a large proportion of theoretical (lecture) work in place of military drill.

—  From “The University of Michigan, an Encyclopedic Survey”

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