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September 15, 2014

Moving targets

A traveling exhibit currently at the Dana Building commemorates the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, which once filled the skies over North America. In this video, Sara Adlerstein-Gonzalez, research scientist in the School of Natural Resources and Environment, discusses the exhibit and the once-abundant bird it honors.

Trotter Center open house

President Mark S. Schlissel enjoys a snack while chatting with U-M students Alexis Lowe (left) and Charisma Hoskins on Thursday during an open house marking the completion of infrastructure improvements and other renovations at the Trotter Multicultural Center. Students have underscored the importance of increasing the center's  functionality during meetings with university officials related to issues of diversity and improving the climate on the Ann Arbor campus. (Photo by Lon Horwedel, Michigan Photography)

Martian water

In chambers that mimic Mars’ conditions, Michigan Engineering researchers have shown how small amounts of liquid water could form on the planet despite its below-freezing temperatures. This video explores how researchers found that a type of salt present in Martian soil can readily melt ice it touches – just like salts do on Earth’s slippery winter walkways and roads.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"I've always had interest in helping the people of Jamaica, and now with the university associated with it, it enables me to even further that goal."

Dr. Joseph Myers, optometrist with University Health Service and co-founder of the Eye Health Institute.

Old School


Soprano Beverly Sills and Tenor John McCollum chat in a September 1977 appearance at Hill Auditorium.

Michigan in the News

"If I were principal, I'd spend my money on tutoring. If I could afford to spend it on tutoring with a trained teacher, I would do that," said Robin Jacob, assistant research scientist in the School of Education and Institute for Social Research.

The New York Times

Dr. Steven Katz, professor of internal medicine, and health management and policy, says someone facing a medical crisis tends to act from the gut rather than the head, which may explain why many women opt for a mastectomy when outcomes are the same or possibly better with radiation.


Puneet Manchanda, professor of marketing, was quoted in an article about financially struggling ViSalus, a Michigan-based multilevel marketing firm that sells weight-loss products, energy drinks and supplements.

Crain's Detroit Business

Dr. Kelvin Chou, associate professor of neurology and neurosurgery, was quoted in a story about Google's purchase of Lift Labs, which makes a high-tech spoon designed to make it easier for people with neurodegenerative tremors to eat.

The New York Times

"If we look at the greenhouse gas emissions associated with that food waste, it is equivalent to adding an additional 33 million average passenger vehicles to our roads every year," said Martin Heller, research specialist at the Center for Sustainable Systems.

Michigan Radio

A new report by policy analyst Rachel Hampton and Barry Rabe, professor of public policy and director of the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy, found that state taxes on thousands of new oil and gas wells have remained the same or even fallen during the past decade.

U.S. News & World Report