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October 13, 2015

Innovate Brew

Innovate Brew — a first of its kind program that randomly matches U-M faculty for 30-minute coffee meetings once a month — has boosted innovative thinking and cross-department collaboration on campus. This video takes a look at the program that expanded this fall from a pilot program and is now open to all university faculty.

Honoring Mary

Mary Stewart, recently retired event services coordinator at the Michigan Union, looks at a poster of images from a wall in her office depicting students she has worked with over the years. The poster was on display Friday at an event celebrating Stewart, her encouragement of black students at U-M over the years, and the presentation of the first Mary Stewart Scholarship through the Alumni Association’s LEAD Scholars Program. Looking on is U-M alumnus Glenn Eden, one of the scholarship's organizers. (Photo by Roger Hart, Michigan Photography)

Battling obesity

As budget and time restraints have cut recess, lunch periods and physical education from U.S. middle and grade schools, children are getting less exercise. In this video, Rebecca Hasson, assistant professor of kinesiology, explains how a collaborative research project called Active Classroom seeks to engineer physical activity back into the school day.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"I liked science. I liked the idea of helping people. I liked the variety of conditions you see in family medicine and getting to really know patients. There's so many factors to consider."

Dr. Philip Zazove, George A. Dean M.D. Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, on persevering to become a physician despite being deaf.

Old School

Football legend

Tom Harmon, a Heisman Trophy winner at U-M, and actress Anita Louise, his co-star in the movie "Harmon of Michigan," pose next to the Ingalls Mall fountain in 1941.

Michigan in the News

Comments by Priscilla Lindsay, professor and chair of theatre and drama, and Enoch Brater, professor of theatre and drama, and English language and literature, were featured in an article about U-M's Arthur Miller centennial celebration.

American Theatre

"When the woman who may be the next president of the United States says that she wants to crack down on corporate crime and hold individuals accountable, Wall Street will listen, as will the rest of corporate America," said David Uhlmann, professor of law.

The Washington Post

Mark Perry, professor of finance at UM-Flint, was quoted in a column about why Americans are not saving enough.


"Lead at any level can be associated with decreases in IQ, behavioral disorders, even an association with certain juvenile delinquency as these children get older," said Dr. Eden Wells, clinical associate professor of epidemiology.

CBS News

Wally Hopp, professor of technology and operations, and industrial and operations engineering, was quoted in an article about the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on America's recent manufacturing resurgence.

The Atlantic

"Young people think they are going to be healthy forever, so they feel their need for health insurance is less. … Children can stay insured through their parents until age 26. So there's really no reason most 19-year-olds have to worry," said Dr. A. Mark Fendrick, professor of internal medicine and health management and policy, and director of the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design.

Business Insider