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September 19, 2014

Manufacturing innovation

Alan Taub (right), professor of materials science and engineering and chief technology officer for the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute, speaks at a conference in Washington, D.C., Thursday on the new National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, which links universities, industry and government partners to collaborate on and nurture manufacturing innovation. U-M helps lead a consortium of 78 members who will work to develop lighter materials while still maintaining performance and affordability. At left is Ed Morris, who directs America Makes, an Ohio-based center focused on advancing 3-D printing technologies. (Photo by Mike Waring, Washington Office)

Tailgate tourney

Karl Bosse, research assistant in the Department of Pediatrics, and Mamta Jaiswal, research lab specialist in the Department of Neurology, compete in a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament, refereed by MHealthy senior wellness coordinator Colleen Greene during MHealthy's Big Tailgate at Ingalls Mall on Tuesday. Another Big Tailgate takes place from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. today at the University Hospital Courtyard. (Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography)

Big data dilemma

Science, health care, economics, infrastructure and government could be completely changed by effectively using big data. But, currently, it isn't being used to its full potential. Laura Balzano, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, partners with campus research teams to help develop data collection and analysis strategies. This video explores what's needed to solve our global big data dilemma.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"I've always had interest in helping the people of Jamaica, and now with the university associated with it, it enables me to even further that goal."

Dr. Joseph Myers, optometrist with University Health Service and co-founder of the Eye Health Institute.

Old School


Soprano Beverly Sills and Tenor John McCollum chat in a September 1977 appearance at Hill Auditorium.

Michigan in the News

Research by John Mitani, professor of anthropology, suggests that killing among chimpanzees results from normal competition, not from human activity that many believe increases chimp aggression.

BBC News

"There's very strong evidence for quite some time that even a $1 difference in out-of-pocket expenditures changes Americans' behavior regarding their use of medical services," said Dr. Mark Fendrick, professor of internal medicine and health management and policy.

The New York Times

Nick Tobier, associate professor of art, spoke about the innovative style of British designer Thomas Heatherwick.

The Wall Street Journal

Nina Mendelson, professor of law, was quoted in a story about the best way to express support for net neutrality.


Stefan Szymanski, professor of kinesiology, was interviewed for an article about the advantage enjoyed by some European soccer clubs and leagues when it comes to spending money on top players.