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December 5, 2016

Humanities residency

New York artist Mary Mattingly is the Kidder Resident in the Arts at the Institute for the Humanities. This video explores her work during the residency, including engaging with students, creating an object burial on the Diag, and creating a new gallery installation around environmental concerns and the use of cobalt.

Virtual world for sick kids

Sick kids will get to visit the Big House without leaving their rooms at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. They may also hang out with dinosaurs, ride roller coasters or even visit the moon. These are just some of the types of experiences made possible by the new Harbaugh Fund, which will support activities led by the hospital’s Child and Family Life team. First on the list: Virtual reality viewers for every young patient. This video shows how the viewers work using a smartphone and virtual reality apps.

Thanks for giving

The university conducted its third annual Giving Blueday, a universitywide day of giving, on Tuesday and raised $5,541,901 from 7,364 donors in 24 hours. In this video, some of the beneficiaries of those gifts offer their thanks.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"Science is too exciting, and there are so many questions to explore that have critical impact on peoples' lives."

Raoul Kopeman, Richard Smalley Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry, Physics and Applied Physics, professor of biomedical engineering and professor of biophysics, when asked about retirement.

Old School

Sophomore Cabaret

A chorus for the Sophomore Cabaret pose with umbrellas in 1929. The annual female entertainment extravaganza was a campus tradition from the late 1920s through the mid-'50s.

Michigan in the News

Huei Peng, director of the U-M Mobility Transformation Center and professor of mechanical engineering, discussed ways to improve the connectivity — and thereby the safety — of autonomous vehicles.

Michigan Radio

"It's one of the nastiest debates I've ever seen in the public health community, and I've been researching tobacco control policies for 40 years. The momentum, if you will, is in the direction against e-cigarettes, for sure, and it is unfortunate in a big way, because we may be missing out on a potential intervention that could reduce the toll of smoking by a lot," said Kenneth Warner, professor of health management and policy.

The Associated Press

The best online sources for information and support for people with potentially life-threatening diseases involve personal stories from other patients, according to research by Jan Van den Bulck, professor of communication studies.

Science Magazine

"Being more sedentary can exacerbate the seasonal changes in mood ― and you get in a downward spiral. Go out with friends. Go to the gym, even if you don’t (necessarily) feel like it," said Deirdre Conroy, associate professor of psychiatry.

The Huffington Post

Dr. Karandeep Singh, assistant professor of learning health sciences and medicine, was quoted in a story about the use of health care apps by hospitals to help patients communicate symptoms and prepare for and recover from surgery.

Chicago Tribune

Justin Wolfers, professor of economics and public policy, said Donald Trump's deal with Carrier is an invitation for businesses nationwide to ask the U.S. government for more incentives to keep their operations domestic: "Every savvy CEO will now threaten to ship jobs to Mexico, and demand a payment to stay. Great economic policy."

The Christian Science Monitor