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News for Faculty and Staff

March 31, 2015

Sexual assault awareness

In recognition of April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the university has released this video in which U-M leaders speak about the institutional commitment to providing a safe environment free of sexual misconduct for students to live, work and grow.

Sustainability progress

The 2014 Sustainability Progress Report is packed with stories, images and videos that highlight U-M's sustainability accomplishments in the areas of education, research and campus engagement and operations.

Prisoner art

"Season of Love" by Oliger Merko is one of the pieces of art featured in the 20th annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners, curated by Janie Paul, professor of art and social work, and Buzz Alexander, professor of English language and literature, and art and design. Learn more about the exhibit, read an interview with Paul and view slideshows of selected artworks.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"I saw other people in beautiful costumes, and I realized I had to learn how to sew."

Erin Flores, an administrative assistant in Communications & Outreach at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

Old School

Blinded by science

A lab accident that blinded Edward Campbell at age 28 did not end his distinguished career as a U-M faculty member.

Michigan in the News

Research by Matthew A. Davis, assistant professor of nursing, casts doubt on the proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," finding that daily apple eaters have just as many doctor visits as those who don't eat apples.

The Associated Press

"Volunteers really can make a difference, and they're a somewhat underutilized resource by schools to improve things for kids," said Robin Jacob, assistant research scientist in education, commenting on a study that suggests that volunteers in schools can help kids read more proficiently.

The Washington Post

David Hauser, doctoral candidate in social psychology, was interviewed about his work that shows using war metaphors — battling the disease, winning the fight — might actually distort how we think about cancer prevention.

NPR's On The Media

Jason Mars, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, built a digital assistant that responds to voice commands and then freely shared the underlying code so others can explore the complexities of modern speech recognition.


"If you can address women's issues, you're addressing the economy, economic sustainability and growth for everyone because in many families, women are heading the families. If you focus on women and pay equity, everyone's situation improves," said Gloria Thomas, director of the Center for the Education of Women.

Detroit Free Press

Dr. James Richardson, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, addressed ways that diabetics can stay on their feet even when they suffer from nerve pain.