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February 3, 2017



Harlow, Merajver to receive 2017 Sarah Goddard Power Award

Sioban Harlow and Sofia Merajver, both professors in the Medical School and the School of Public Health, will receive the 2017 Sarah Goddard Power Award, which the Academic Women’s Caucus presents to faculty members who have demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of women.

IRWG announces seven Faculty Seed Grant recipients

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender has awarded seven seed grants to explore diverse topics from the humanities to health care. The IRWG grants support individual research activities, as well as collaborative projects, such as pilot studies or initial research efforts.

Researchers: Retirement investment fund conflicts cost Americans

A new federal rule that subjects brokers and investment advisers to a higher fiduciary standard — requiring them to recommend investment products with the “best interest” of the beneficiaries in mind — fails to address conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency, U-M researchers say.

'Glancing Back, Dancing Forward'

As part of U-M’s bicentennial, “Glancing Back, Dancing Forward” celebrates the long presence of dance on campus through a fast-paced collage of dance works old and new. In this video, Jessica Fogel, chair of the Department of Dance, discusses how the production, which runs through Sunday at the Power Center for the Performing Arts, celebrates dance at U-M.


Feb. 3

Conceptual Struggles for Authenticity in Three Indian Philosophers

With Jonardon Ganeri, New York University, 4-6 p.m., School of Social Work Building, Room 1636

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Manan Desai, assistant professor of American culture, was interviewed for a story about the 40th anniversary of Maxine Hong Kingston’s “The Woman Warrior,” an iconic staple of literature classes that blends together stories from Chinese folklore, family secrets and an Asian-American childhood.

NBC News

“White working-class politics don’t really fit into red and blue, conservative and liberal, but they really can be described more in terms of … what is good for their community and their family, and also what’s fair and what’s moral,” said Nadine Hubbs, professor of women’s studies and music.

The Christian Science Monitor

Cliff Lampe, associate professor of information, says that fake news producers will be quick to adapt to ad restrictions by Google and Facebook: “I think this will work for the moment, but I believe that people are going to be able to come up with a workaround and be able to manipulate that attention market in the future.”

BBC News



Enhancing informatics

The loss of her father in 2009 drew a sharp focus on the need for accurate and timely medical records for Patricia Abbott, associate professor of nursing. The experience gave her renewed purpose to continue her research, which explores how massive amounts of data can improve care for patients.


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