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February 20, 2024



Annual fact sheet tracks Ann Arbor campus sustainability

In an annual fact sheet for FY ’23, the Office of Campus Sustainability reported significant progress in several areas, including that the campus reduced operational emissions by 30% and landscape chemical applications by 61% and noted several community engagement initiatives designed to advance a culture of sustainability.

George Gershwin’s first musical rediscovered after nearly a century

Last summer, U-M researcher Jacob Kerzner uncovered the complete musical orchestration of “La, La, Lucille,” making the musical possible to perform for the first time in nearly a century. Students at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance performed some of these recovered songs in a February concert.

Screenshot of a video performance of a song

In this video, Aquila Sol provides vocals and Jayce Ogren leads the Contemporary Directions Ensemble in a performance of “Somehow It Seldom Comes True.”

$3.7M NIH grant will boost study of new cancer therapy

In a major advancement for cancer research at U-M, Mats Ljungman has been awarded a $3.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. The funding is directed toward the study of KLIPP therapy, a pioneering treatment method conceptualized by Ljungman, co-director of U-M’s Center for RNA Biomedicine.

RIS retirement services

Michigan Sea Grant funds six new projects, totaling $1.7M

Michigan Sea Grant is funding six new research projects, totaling nearly $1.7 million, to investigate the shifting dynamics of harmful algal blooms, economic trends in coastal communities, emerging fish viruses, and other issues relevant to the Great Lakes. Michigan Sea Grant requests proposals every two years.


Feb. 21

2024 Educational Technology Showcase

Explore tools available for adoption and research with the Center for Academic Innovation, 3-5:30 p.m., Center for Academic Innovation

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“When politicians have no commitment to truth, over time, voters become angry, then cynical and finally numb, to the point where they disengage from politics — just where the authoritarian wants them,” wrote Barbara McQuade, professor from practice of law.

Detroit Free Press

Barbara McQuade

Jeremy Kress, assistant professor of business law, believes dual directorships create a conflict of interest: “When a bank’s directors also sit on the board of the bank’s holding company, the directors have an incentive to allow the holding company … to take advantage of the bank and thereby benefit from federal safety net subsidies.”

Bloomberg Law

Photo of Jeremy Kress

“Having metal detectors at every access point to a building, having cameras throughout campus might reduce the amount of response time … but a lot of the work we’re trying to do talks about prevention strategies or other surveillance strategies that will identify someone before they make the decision to bring a weapon to campus,” said Justin Heinze, associate professor of health behavior and health education. 

The Detroit News



A photo of Alexa White

Supporting environmental justice

Alexa White, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, investigates sustainable agriculture and has earned recognition for her wider efforts in support of environmental justice.

Public Affairs

Learn more about whom to call regarding specific topics in the Office of Public Affairs.

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