Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

  1. February 2, 2023

    Fish preserves earliest fossilized brain of backboned animal

    A 319 million-year-old ray-finned fish fossil at U-M provides new information about early evolutionary history. The fossil was pulled from a coal mine in England more than a century ago.

  2. September 19, 2022

    Two from U-M named department’s first female AGU Fellows

    Two female U-M scientists are among 54 earth and space researchers named AGU Fellows by the American Geophysical Union, one of the highest in the earth and space sciences..

  3. November 8, 2021

    LSA professor launches effort to boost ocean science worldwide

    Brian Arbic has founded the Global Ocean Corps and Conveyor, which he hopes will foster sustained, long-term ocean science education and research collaborations among countries worldwide.

  4. October 19, 2015

    Antarctic researchers study climate change where penguins roam

    For a team of U-M researchers studying ancient glacial ice core samples from Antarctica, the frozen continent is a cold, quiet and fascinating place to work.

  5. June 12, 2015

    Varying atmospheric oxygen levels shaped Earth’s climate over time

    Efforts to reconstruct past climates must factor in variations in the amount of atmospheric oxygen throughout Earth’s history, U-M researchers say.

  6. May 13, 2015

    U-M partners with Michigan Tech on historic mineral collection

    In a historic partnership, U-M will share ownership of its rich mineral collection with the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum at Michigan Technological University.