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February 17, 2018

Old School

November 9, 2015

In my room

U-M student David E. Heineman relaxes in his room at Professor Winchell's dwelling, with Winchell's dog "Curley," circa 1887-97. 

November 2, 2015


Women cross the Diag in the 1950s with a banner for Sorosis, the professional women's club.

October 26, 2015

Art and design

A female student works at an easel during an art class in 1949 in the College of Architecture and Design. 

October 19, 2015

Caesar and Cleopatra

The Power Center for the Performing Arts formally opened its doors in 1971. The Department of Theatre & Drama subsequently presented its first play there that year, George Bernard Shaw’s "Caesar and Cleopatra."

October 12, 2015

Football legend

Tom Harmon, a Heisman Trophy winner at U-M, and actress Anita Louise, his co-star in the movie "Harmon of Michigan," pose next to the Ingalls Mall fountain in 1941.

October 5, 2015

Tea time

A 25th Anniversary Tea commemorating the construction of the Martha Cook Building takes place in October 1940.

September 28, 2015

Aiding the war effort

Men stand at a booth at the corner of North University Avenue and State Street where women are selling savings bonds during World War II.

September 21, 2015

Dressed for success

Well-dressed students make their way around Central Campus in 1929.

September 14, 2015

First day

Shirley (Dayharsh) Barron and Carol Vestal Allen, U-M School of Nursing Class of 1958, are pictured on their first day of class in 1955. 

September 8, 2015

New beginning

Kasimir Fajans was a Russian chemistry professor of Polish and Jewish origin working in Germany. A top scientist on the cutting edge of radioactive and physical chemistry, he fled after Adolph Hitler became chancellor in 1933. Edward Kraus, LSA dean at U-M, offered Fajans a professorship. He took the job, and worked at U-M until his retirement in 1956.