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October 21, 2015



ITS offers advice on storing and working with sensitive data

There's a constant tension in universities between the need to appropriately protect sensitive information and the need to share it to foster research and collaboration. Information and Technology Services has resources to help the campus community figure out where to store and share sensitive data.

Institute for the Humanities accepting fellowship applications

The Institute for the Humanities is now accepting fellowship applications for the 2016-17 academic year for U-M tenured and tenure-track faculty and graduate students. Fellows are in residence at the Institute for the Humanities and attend a weekly fellows seminar for the entire academic year.

More happiness gained by using Snapchat than Facebook

Snapchat use actually predicts more social enjoyment and positive mood than Facebook and other social media, according to a new U-M study. And the only interaction more rewarding than Snapchat? It's still face-to-face communication, according to the study in Information, Communication & Society.

Monitoring glucose with lasers

An estimated 200 million people with diabetes might one day utilize laser research going on at U-M to painlessly read their glucose levels. In this video, Mohammed Islam, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, internal medicine and biomedical engineering, describes how super continuum lasers he designed for military uses can be adapted as a non-invasive tool to measure glucose in the blood system. Read more about this work.


Dr. Michelle Riba, professor of psychiatry and director of the PsychOncology Program, said it's essential for clinicians to spend time with their adult cancer patients who are parents, and to help them learn how to talk with their kids about cancer-related issues and risk.

CBS News

Clayton Lewis, curator of graphic materials at the Clements Library, was interviewed about the library's David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography, which includes photos of all types from the 1840s into the 20th century.

Michigan Radio

Michael Cherney, doctoral student in geological sciences, and Daniel Fisher, director of the Museum of Paleontology, discussed their research of chemical samples from tusks of woolly mammoths that found signs the mammoths had accelerated their maturation process, a common evolutionary response to predation.

Christian Science Monitor



Betting on millennials

Late in 2014, alumnus Bill Hall made a bet on the future with a $2 million chair endowment to the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Hall hopes it will spark conversations that take students out of their comfort zones and get them working across disciplines to tackle the challenges that will define the future.


Can political candidates or ballot initiative opponents or proponents be invited to speak to a class, participate in a conference, or otherwise present their views on campus?

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