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October 10, 2022



Well-being Collective takes holistic approach to health, wellness

U-M has created a holistic, strategic and comprehensive infrastructure to address the health and wellness needs of faculty, staff and students. The Well-being Collective also will address policies and systems that affect well-being, moving U-M closer to becoming a health-promoting university.

President’s award winners strengthen U‑M’s global presence

Judith Pennywell and Timothy R.B. Johnson have been named the 2022 recipients of the President’s Award for Distinguished Service in International Education. For the first time, U-M is recognizing both a staff and faculty member for their outstanding efforts to advance international education.

Timothy R.B. Johnson, left, an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the Medical School, and professor of women’s and gender studies in LSA, and Judith Pennywell, director of U-M’s International Center, are recipients of the President’s Award for Distinguished Service in International Education.

Accolades — October 2022

Awards and honors for U-M faculty and staff.



Oct. 11

Democracy & Debate

A Trotter Distinguished Leadership Series event, with Purvi Patel and the Rev. Nelson Pierce Jr., 5:30-7 p.m., Trotter Multicultural Center, Multipurpose Room

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Research by Aimee Classen, professor and director of the U-M Biological Station, and colleagues shows that nutrient pollution from winter runoff has quickly progressed from rare or nonexistent to far worse than at other times of the year due to warmer winters: “If we care about our water quality, we can no longer ignore how climate change impacts winter precipitation.”

Aimee Classen

“To take a piece of critical infrastructure permanently out of commission, you need to hit the same site over and over again, day and night, to prevent all recovery and rebuilding efforts, rather than a series of one-and-dones as the Russians have been doing,” said Yuri Zhukov, professor of political science. “Even if they were more successful in damaging critical infrastructure … the Russians should know that it won’t be the ‘knockout punch’ they need.”


Photo of Yuri Zhukov

“Companies with values aligned with our own are going to be places where we want to work,” wrote Erin Krupka, associate professor of information. “We are more likely to stay at those jobs and adhere to company policy, even if situations arise where we might be tempted to deviate from those policies. For this reason, figuring out what those values are is an important part of selecting the right place to work.”

Psychology Today

Erin Krupka



A new NSF-funded project led by UM-Dearborn assistant professor Junaid Farooq could allow the military to use commercial 5G networks without fear of getting hacked.

Bolstering 5G security

A new project led by Junaid Farooq, UM-Dearborn assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, could allow the military to use commercial 5G networks without fear of getting hacked.

Get out the vote

Ready to cast your ballot in November? Here is how to register and vote in this year’s elections.

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