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February 17, 2018

Multimedia Features

January 11, 2018

Clinical Simulation Center

U-M has opened a second Clinical Simulation Center location, more than doubling the number of physicians, nurses and students who will be able to practice their skills in a state-of-the-art learning environment. In this photo, James Cooke, executive director of the Clinical Simulation Center and assistant professor of learning health sciences and of family medicine, and Sharon L. Smith, director of professional development and education for nursing services and adjunct clinical assistant professor of nursing, use one of the simulators as Karrie Martis, educational nurse coordinator, looks on. (Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography)

January 10, 2018

Cryo-electron microscopy

Cryo-electron Microscopy at the University of Michigan

Recently, three scientists from Europe and the United States received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work developing cryo-electron microscopy. U-M has one of the top cryo-EM labs in the country. In this video, Melanie Ohi, research associate professor at the Life Sciences Institute and associate professor of cell and developmental biology, and Michael Cianfrocco, research assistant professor at LSI and assistant professor of biological chemistry, explain how this technology is revolutionizing biology and how U-M is using it to study things like neurodegenerative diseases and bacterial infections.

January 9, 2018

Video game music

Video Game Music Class

Matthew Thompson, assistant professor of music, is a classically trained pianist who teaches a popular course on video game music at U-M, and is considered a leading expert on video game music. In this video, Thompson discusses the development of video game music, which will be the focus of the 5th annual North American Conference on Video Game Music at U-M this Saturday and Sunday. 

January 5, 2018

Taking on tinnitus

Specially timed signals ease tinnitus symptoms in test aimed at the condition’s root cause (Teaser)

Millions of Americans hear ringing in their ears — a condition called tinnitus — and new research shows an experimental device could help quiet the phantom sounds by targeting unruly nerve activity in the brain. Watch this brief video about tinnitus and read more about U-M's research into treatment.

January 4, 2018

A look back on a big year

U-M Bicentennial in Review

The start of a new semester marks the university's transition from its bicentennial celebration into the next phase of its third century. 2017 was a year of varied and exciting events and academic exploration, and a commemoration of all things U-M — its accomplishments, its history and the people who make it so special. This video takes a look back at some of the highlights of our yearlong 200th birthday party.