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February 16, 2019

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January 15, 2019

“Overdose and suicide are being treated as separate problems, but there is overlap in the causes that are driving increases in both. Many of the things that could lead to someone becoming suicidal, such as depression and stressful life events, could also lead to someone making riskier choices with substance use that could increase the risk of an unplanned overdose,” said Amy Bohnert, associate professor of psychiatry.


January 15, 2019

“Our results indicate that Milky Way-like galaxies most likely host a much wider diversity of satellite populations than is predicted by any current model,” said Adam Smercina, doctoral student in astronomy, whose findings may force cosmologists to revise current galaxy formation models.


January 14, 2019

“I am encouraged by the current support in the profession to heighten diversity in architecture — such as scholarships, grants and mentorship programs — but much remains left to do, particularly as it relates to helping our minority firm owners create sustained legacies that will positively influence their communities,” wrote Kimberly Dowdell, lecturer in architecture and president of the National Organization of Minority Architects.


January 14, 2019

“We don’t know yet how different doses of different products can affect your driving ability. … The safest strategy would be not to drive at all on a day that you’ve been using marijuana. Or at least avoid driving for several hours after using marijuana,” said Erin Bonar, assistant professor of psychiatry.

Michigan Radio

January 14, 2019

Rita Chin, professor of history and associate dean for academic programs and initiatives at the Rackham Graduate School, says incoming graduate students in history are assigned one adviser based on their stated subdisciplinary interests, and another adviser within the broader department: “This means they’re getting an alternative perspective on the kind of advice they’re getting from their primary mentor.”

Inside Higher Ed

January 11, 2019

Susan Douglas, professor of communication studies, says a “demographic revolution” is occurring in the number of women working into their 60s and 70s and in the perception of their expertise and value: “Older women are now saying ‘No, I’m still vibrant, I still have a lot to offer, and I’m not going to be consigned to invisibility.”

The New York Times

January 11, 2019

Kenneth Lowande, assistant professor of political science, co-wrote an analysis of the new Congress — the most diverse in congressional history: “Those lawmakers’ advocacy is likely to extend beyond what is typically covered by news outlets or offered up for a floor vote.”

The Washington Post

January 11, 2019

Melvyn Levitsky, clinical professor of public policy, was interviewed about Michigan resident Paul Whelan, who was recently arrested in Moscow and accused by the Russians of being a spy.

WXYZ / Detroit

January 10, 2019

“If you’re interested in making a change in the world, and if you’re interested in design, this is the place for you,” said Elizabeth Birr Moje, professor and dean of the School of Education, commenting on a new Detroit high school with a focus on social justice and engineering.


January 10, 2019

Research by Shawn Xu, research professor at the Life Sciences Institute and professor of molecular and integrative physiology, uncovered a cause of declining motor function and increased frailty in tiny aging worms — and a way to slow it down.

The Guardian (U.K.)