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August 18, 2019

In The News

September 26, 2014

Dr. James Carpenter, professor of orthopaedic surgery, was quoted in a story about the increase in knee and hip replacements among active, retired baby boomers.

Detroit Free Press

September 25, 2014

Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck, assistant professor of information, was quoted in a story about the risks of posting pictures of children on Facebook.

The Guardian (U.K.)

September 25, 2014

A story about food addiction quoted Ashley Gearhardt, assistant professor of psychology: "Sitting in the room with clients, you never hear people say, 'Oh my God, I came home after a hard day and I was just craving broccoli and cauliflower so bad that I had a massive binge on these vegetables.'"

The Huffington Post

September 25, 2014

Research by Terri Orbuch, senior research professor at the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, shows that frequent small acts of kindness are a predictor of happiness in a relationship.


September 24, 2014

In a column about how phone calls have become unwanted intrusions, Scott W. Campbell, associate professor of communication studies, said: "Now, calling on a phone is almost like a violation. It's very greedy for your social presence, and texting is not."

The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

September 24, 2014

Paul Edwards, professor of history and information, explains the science behind the term "global temperature."

NBC News

September 23, 2014

Speaking about how professional dress codes have changed, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, associate professor of management and organizations, said, "By breaking people's expectations you’re literally signaling a sense that something new is to be learned. You're trying to accomplish something that’s not necessarily mainstream, you're focusing on issues from a new perspective, you're signaling a break from tradition."


September 23, 2014

Amy Reines, a research fellow in astronomy, was quoted in a story about the discovery of an enormous, supermassive black hole in the center of an ultracompact dwarf galaxy.

Los Angeles Times

September 23, 2014

"There is increasing evidence that fibromyalgia is not just a pain condition. More recent research … suggests that persons with fibromyalgia suffer from a central processing deficit of multiple types of sensory stimuli, not just pain," said Michael Geisser, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation.


September 23, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, associate professor of neurology, spoke about an Israeli brain-imaging system being used to diagnose concussions in American football players.

The Times of Israel