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June 17, 2019


April 5, 2019

Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies names fellows

The Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies will bring together Yiddish scholars, poets, translators, language teachers and cultural leaders this fall to discuss and research around the theme of “Yiddish Matters.”

April 4, 2019

U-M researchers use genomic data to map trees that survived ice age

During the last ice age, which peaked around 21,500 years ago, glaciers covered large portions of North America, including the entire Great Lakes region. Once the ice retreated, the land was gradually repopulated by trees that eventually formed dense forests.

April 4, 2019

Michigan pharmacists help residents manage hypertension

For years, Maria Hochendoner of Ann Arbor received conflicting information about her high blood pressure readings. Was it "white coat syndrome" — temporary high blood pressure caused by in-office anxiety — or true hypertension?

April 4, 2019

Nocturnal flight calls increase building collisions among migrating birds

Birds that produce faint chirps called flight calls during nighttime migration collide with illuminated buildings much more often than closely related species that don't produce such calls, according to a new analysis of a 40-year record of thousands of building collisions in the Midwest.

April 3, 2019

U-M will make bid to host 2020 presidential debate

U-M is exploring the possibility of hosting a presidential debate during the 2020 campaign. The university is one of six institutions or communities to submit a letter of interest to the Commission on Presidential Debates.