Voices of the Staff, a volunteer-based program that gives staff members a forum for sharing ideas and defining the campus community issues that matter most, is accepting applications.

Voices of the Staff consists of six network teams, each with a specific area of focus. The teams are:

• Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

• Enhancing the Employee Experience.

• Embracing Change and Leading at all Levels.

• Fostering Learning, Coaching, and Mentoring.

• Leveraging Technology.

• Striving for Well-being.

“Voices of the Staff has opened the door to amazing opportunities for me to grow at the university,” says Dan Rife, building services director for LSA and a Voices team member. “I gained experience facilitating a cross-unit team. I was able to provide feedback on the prevention of sexual misconduct. And I also had the opportunity to sit on a hiring committee at the associate vice president level.”

Network teams are often called on to provide creative and effective staff input, develop resources and special events, and meet with key university leaders.

Recent examples include Voices members providing input on campus climate issues; developing staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion events; and serving on selection committees for universitywide recognition events.

“It has helped shift my focus from my personal growth to helping those around me grow at the university,” says Rife. “And in this way, it has helped me grow as a leader in my career. I strongly recommend that any staff interested in making our workplace the best it can be to get involved with Voices.”

To participate, interested staff must apply for membership at voices.umich.edu by March 31. The website also has more information about the network teams, eligibility requirements and the selection process.