Since 2012, people from across the nation and around the world have come together on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving — Giving Tuesday — to support their favorite charities and causes.

This year, U-M has joined this movement by organizing its first-ever 24-hour online campaign — Giving Blueday, a chance to make a difference in thousands of lives and impact the future of the world.

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From midnight to 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 2, the university will invite alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, patients and their families, fans and devotees worldwide to be victors for Michigan by making donations to any area of the university they’d like to support.

The goal: raise $1 million in 24 hours.

Giving Blueday is a great way for the U-M community, and its friends, to support areas of the university that align with their passions.

Coordinating Giving Blueday with a global day of giving emphasizes the importance of giving, and giving to meaningful causes. With the support of the community, the university can continue to change lives, tackle complex problems, support faculty and research, and enable talented students to study at Michigan.

And by giving on this day, participants will have another opportunity to take part in the university’s Victors for Michigan campaign, and support its three priorities: student support, engaged learning, and bold ideas.

Throughout the 24-hour campaign, there will be social media challenges and real-time updates on the Giving Blueday website.

Universitywide challenges throughout the day will give participants the opportunity to earn even more for the school, college or unit of their choice. More than 60 student organizations are joining in on the day by raising funds for their causes.

To support the passions of students, a U-M alumnus has donated $30,000 to match student gifts made online on Giving Blueday.

All members of the U-M community are invited to become M-bassadors and help spread the word about Giving Blueday. They are also encouraged to participate in the Giving Blueday Banner Challenge.

Before midnight on Dec. 1, members of the U-M community can take a selfie with a Giving Blueday banner, located around North and Central campuses, and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #GivingBlueday.

Participants can indicate which area of the university they would like to have receive a Giving Blueday bonus. Ten winners will be selected at random to have a $100 gift made in their name to the U-M school or area they nominated.

The U-M community is encouraged to participate in these ways:

● Give — Make a gift to support a favorite cause at the university.

● Share — Share the news of your support on social media, spread the word about Giving Blueday, and sign up to be an M-bassador.

● Thank — On social media, thank colleagues, friends, family and community members who gave a gift to the university on Giving Blueday.