U-M Fulbright recipients


Fulbright U.S. Student grantees

The 2013-2014 U-M Fulbright U.S. Student grantees, degrees*, colleges/schools (and departments), project countries, and projects include:

Ruben Adery, B.A., LSA (Linguistics, Spanish); Brazil; English teaching assistantship.

Karin Bashir, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Women’s Studies); Bahrain; English teaching assistantship.

Kevin Binder, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Psychology); Turkey; English teaching assistantship.

Robert Burack, B.A., UM-Flint; Turkey, English teaching assistantship.

Stephanie Chen, B.S., LSA (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); China; Nutritional Ecology of Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys.

Mathieu Davis, Ph.D., College of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering); South Africa; Percutaneous Heart Valve Mechanics/STEM and Biomedical Engineering Implementation.

James Hammond, B.A. and B.S., LSA (History, Microbiology); Ghana; Interpreting Disability in Ghana.

Sabian Hasani, B.S., LSA (Classical Archaeology, Biology); Albania; Digging through History: Analyzing the Past and Present of Albanian Archaeology.

Leslie Hempson, Ph.D., LSA (History); India; The Social Fabric of Khadi: Experiments in Industry in Twentieth-Century India.

Benjamin Hicklin, Ph.D., LSA (History); Jamaica; The Experience of Credit and Debt in the English Atlantic, 1660-1750.

Puninder Jaitla, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); India; Sikh Textual Interpretation as Social Action.

Josephine Kao, M.F.A., School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (Dance); Taiwan; The Body as Instrument: Looking and Listening to Ethnicity and Identity.

Conor Lane, B.A., LSA (History, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Spanish); Colombia; English teaching assistantship.

Molly Lockwood, B.A., LSA (English, Linguistics, Spanish); South Korea; English teaching assistantship.

Lydia McMullen-Laird, B.A., Ford School of Public Policy (Public Policy); China; Exploring Chinese-Russian Relations in Northeastern China.

Amre Metwally, B.S., LSA (History); Turkey; English teaching assistantship.

Kevin Mulholland, Ph.D., LSA (Asian Languages & Cultures); Japan; Reprinting Osaka: Authorship, Copyright, and Corporatism in Nineteenth Century Japan.

Alex Ocampo, B.S., LSA (Statistics); Ghana; Electronic Medical Records for Clinical Evaluations of Herbal Medicine.

Michael Opper, Ph.D., LSA (Linguistics); China; Searching for General Linguistic Principles through the Minority Languages of China.

Katherine Poisson, M.A., School of Education (Higher Education Administration); Montenegro; English teaching assistantship.

Michael Prentice, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); South Korea; Hierarchy, Egalitarianism, and Deference within South Korean Conglomerates.

Aaron Proffitt, Ph.D., LSA (Buddhist Studies); Japan; Between Two Schools: The Place of Mantra in Medieval Japanese Concepts of the Afterlife.

Emily Reimann, B.A., LSA (Linguistics); Turkey; English teaching assistantship.

Kristin Schroeder, Ph.D., LSA (History of Art); Germany; New Material Mythologies: The Realities of Clothing in Neue Sachlichkeit Portraits.

Cydney Seigerman, B.S., LSA (Chemistry, Spanish); Spain; English teaching assistantship.

Maria Taylor, Ph.D., Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning (Architectural History and Theory); Russia; Soviet City-Environment Interactions in Cold War Siberia: Krasnoyarsk, 1950s-70s.

Nathaniel Tuohy, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); Indonesia; Children’s Quran Schools and the Islamic Revival in Urban Java.

Kaitlin Twa, B.A., School of Education (Primary Education); Malaysia; English teaching assistantship.

Hannah Wagner, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Spanish); Ecuador; Diversifying Inclusion: Conceptions of Learning Disabilities in Southern Quito.

Maria Wathen, Ph.D., School of Social Work (Social Work and Social Science-Sociology); Russia; Civic Culture, Volunteerism, and Social Welfare: Developments in Russia.

Anna Wieck, Ph.D., LSA (History of Art, Museum Studies); Spain; Contending for Spanishness: Depictions of Popular Tradition on the Eve of the Civil War.

Abigail Williams, B.A., Ford School of Public Policy (Public Policy); Spain; English teaching assistantship.

John Wilson, B.A., LSA (History); Brazil; English teaching assistantship.

* Degrees listed are either the highest degree attained or the degree currently in progress.

Fulbright U.S. Scholar grantees

Disciplines within quotation marks are the Fulbright disciplinary categories in which the award was made. Susan Gass participated in a seminar program, rather than conducting research.

Benjamin Brose, Assistant Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures, LSA. “Theology/Religion”; Research: Xuanzang’s Skull: Buddhism, Nationalism, and Diplomacy in Modern Asia; Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan; September 2013 – May 2014.

San Duanmu, Professor, Department of Linguistics, LSA. “Linguistics”; Research: Building a Chinese Sound Inventory Database; Peking University, Beijing, China; May 2014 – August 2014.

Susan Gass, Associate Director, Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center, LSA. Seminar: Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Program; USIEF (United States — India Educational Foundation), New Delhi, India, March 2013.

Ormond MacDougald, Professor, Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, School of Medicine. “Medical Sciences”; Research: Does Activation of Sweet Taste Receptors in Fat Tissues Increase Obesity?; University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom; September 2013 – May 2014.

John Piette, Professor and Director, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine. “Medical Sciences”; Lecturing/Research: Developing Mobile Health Services for Chronic Disease Management; Bolivian Catholic University, La Paz, Bolivia; June 2014 – September 2014.

Scott Spector, Professor and Chair, Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures, LSA. “History” (Fulbright IFK Senior Fellow in Cultural Studies); Research: German-Jewish Subjects and Histories; International Research Center for Cultural Studies, Vienna, Austria; September 2013 – February 2014.

Sara Warber, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine. “Medical Sciences”; Research: Investigating “Nature Deficit Disorder” as a Medical Matter; University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom; January 2014 – April 2014.

Fulbright Specialist grantee

Quamrul Mazumder, professor and program director, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UM-Flint. Engineering education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh; June 2013.


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