Special drop boxes for Wolverine Tower mail

To speed up delivery of campus mail to Wolverine Tower offices, drop boxes will be installed at eight locations for deposit of mail for departments at Wolverine Tower. Mail will be picked up from these drop boxes every two hours.

The drop boxes, a neutral putty color, will hang on a wall and be clearly marked “Wolverine Tower Mail.”

The boxes will be located at:

University Hospital by the posting board on the second level of the Hospital, near the cafeteria entrance.

North Ingalls Building on the eighth floor, near the Employment Office reception area.

North Campus Commons, in the basement near the posting board.

School of Dentistry, in the general office area, Room G226.

LS&A Building, near the Development Office, on the east wall by the posting board.

Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, the north end of the fourth floor, next to the posting board.

School of Business Administration Building, near the dock area in the southeast corner of the tower, on the corner of Tappan and Hill streets.

Administrative Services Building, to the left of the posting board on the second floor.

The drop boxes are scheduled to be installed later this month. Until then, mail will have to be delivered in person or by Mail Service.


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