WHEREAS, The University of Michigan retained outside consulting firms to develop and implement the Administrative Services Transformation (AST) of finance and human resources, the IT Rationalization plan, and the Retirement Benefits review, all of which resulted in deeply flawed planning processes, damaging the confidence of the faculty in the Administration; and

WHEREAS, The University has spent tens of millions of dollars on these consulting firms; and

WHEREAS, The University is a preeminent institution, employing faculty with international expertise, in fields including business, finance, information technologies, organizations, and education; and

WHEREAS, The University’s top academic leadership includes some of the most prominent, experienced, and talented Administrators in the nation, most of whom have been faculty members themselves; and therefore be it

RESOLVED, Senate Assembly advises that any continued and future retention of external consulting firms be contingent on supplemental and meaningful consultation, participation, and evaluation by faculty with content expertise in the targeted initiatives.

— Approved, Dec. 9, 2013