Provost Martha Pollack has named an advisory committee to search for a new director of the Institute for Social Research. The search process already has begun.

Jim House is chairing the committee, which has been charged with conducting a broad search and presenting an unranked slate of recommended candidates during winter term 2015.

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House is the Angus Campbell Distinguished University Professor of Survey Research, Public Policy and Sociology; research scientist, Epidemiology Department, School of Public Health; research professor, Survey Research Center, ISR; professor of sociology, LSA; and professor of public policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

In a May 12 email to faculty and staff at the institute, Pollack wrote that ISR Director James Jackson would step down June 30, 2015, after a decade of service.

Additional members of the search committee include:

• Daniel Almirall, research assistant professor, Survey Research Center, ISR.

• Sarah A. Burgard, research associate professor, Population Studies Center, ISR; associate professor of sociology and director of graduate studies in sociology, LSA; associate professor of epidemiology, SPH.

• Paul N. Courant, Harold T. Shapiro Collegiate Professor of Public Policy; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; professor of public policy, Ford School; professor of economics, LSA; and professor of information, School of Information.

• Pamela Davis-Kean, research associate professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics, ISR; faculty associate, Survey Research Center, ISR; research associate professor, Center for Human Growth and Development, ISR; associate professor of psychology, LSA.

• Vicki Freedman, research professor, Survey Research Center, ISR; research affiliate, Population Studies Center, ISR.

• John Garcia, research professor, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, ISR; director, Resource Center for Minority Data, ISR; interim director, ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research; faculty associate, Center for Political Studies, ISR.

• Steven Heeringa, senior research scientist, Survey Research Center, ISR; research affiliate, Population Studies Center, ISR.

• Vincent L. Hutchings, research professor, Center for Political Studies, ISR; professor of political science, professor of Afroamerican and African studies, LSA.

• Helen G. Levy, research associate professor, Survey Research Center, ISR; research affiliate, Population Studies Center, ISR; research associate professor, Ford School; and research associate professor, SPH.

• Trivellore E. Raghunathan, director, Survey Research Center, ISR; research professor, Survey Research Center, ISR; and professor of biostatistics, SPH.

• Catherine S. Thibault, assistant director for administration, Survey Research Center, ISR.

In her May email, Pollack praised Jackson for his “outstanding service to the institute’s core missions of research, dissemination and education.”

“During his distinguished tenure at ISR Dr. Jackson has been a true champion for social science research and for training the next generation of research scientists,” she wrote.

Pollack noted facilities expansion during Jackson’s tenure in addition to increased scientific portfolio and diversification of funding sponsors. “Jackson has a deep commitment to diversity and has enhanced the institute’s climate of openness, mutual respect and pride.”