Ross tree-moving project to continue next week following review


Crews are scheduled to continue work next week on the relocation of the bur oak tree at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Late Sunday afternoon, an air bladder burst as the workers were rolling the tree down the ramp into its new location facing Tappan Street. There were no injuries and the tree is secure and stable.

Walbridge, the construction manager for the Ross School Project, and Environmental Design, the Texas-based company handling the relocation, are using Monday to review what caused the air bladder to burst and make appropriate changes before resuming operations.

The 250-year-old tree is being moved to make way for an expansion at Ross School. The move began Saturday.

“As with any construction project, safety is always our number one priority,” said Larry Bowman, Architecture, Engineering and Construction project director for the Ross School expansion. “The tree is secure, allowing Walbridge and Environmental Design to take the time to conduct a thorough review.”

Tree work and site restoration activities at the tree’s new location will continue for about two weeks, Bowman said.


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