Quick guide of well-being resources for COVID-19 coping


How can people best handle social isolation and a dramatically different day-to-day work situation? For starters, focus on personal well-being.

“We are all under a lot of stress,” says Karen Schmidt, director of MHealthy. “But taking the time to care for yourself can help.”

To help make it easier, MHealthy has compiled a quick guide for resources that people may find useful. The page is updated frequently and groups resources by the following categories:

  • Mental and emotional health
  • Back care
  • Working-from-home resources
  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Alcohol management
  • Meeting basic needs, and community resources for families
  • Mhealthy Champion support
  • Social and community platforms

“We are all in this together,” Schmidt said. “And we can support one another by first making sure we are taking time for self-care.”


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