The Board of Regents on Thursday renamed the university’s Comprehensive Cancer Center as the Rogel Cancer Center in honor of the generosity of Richard and Susan Rogel. Here is what regents had to say about the Rogels:

Michael J. Behm

“Few universities have donors like Rich and Susan Rogel, whose generosity has had a profound impact on so many areas. In addition to providing support across the university, they advance our mission and encourage others to become donors. They truly are ambassadors for the U of M.”

Andrea Fischer Newman

“Rich and Susan Rogel are exceptional donor-volunteers who seek to identify ways to help U-M accomplish the extraordinary. Whether by providing funding so hundreds of students can attend the university, or by creating partnerships with China, or now, by greatly expanding our capabilities in cancer research and care, Rich and Susan consistently make things happen.”

Andrew Richner

“Rich and Susan are truly special people. Their generosity has helped accomplish so many great things at the University of Michigan. This latest commitment will advance the innovative work of our cancer center and will encourage the best and brightest young cancer researchers to join the university’s efforts.

Ron Weiser

“I first met Rich when he was in business school. This is an incredible gift that will help the University of Michigan do what it does well — and that is to solve big problems. This was the place where we helped eradicate polio. Hopefully, this will be the place where we help eliminate the scourge of cancer. This is unparalleled generosity of Rich and Susan, who have given one of the largest gifts for a single program at our university.”