Delivery driver charged with sexual assault

A visiting delivery driver was charged June 17 with fourth-degree sexual assault in connection with an incident near the University Hospital dock area May 25. The visitor has been accused of inappropriately touching a U-M employee. He also has been warned not to return to campus. 

Patient accused of sexual assault

A University Hospital patient reportedly inappropriately fondled another patient on May 2.  The survivor has chosen not to pursue charges at this time.

Construction fence near West Hall burned

A fire burning a temporary construction fence on May 16 near the West Hall arch reportedly was extinguished by three pedestrians without further damage to other property. The three men reported that as they exited Shapiro Library around 3:10 a.m., they observed a flame near the arch. They called 911 and then used dirt from a flower bed to extinguish the fire. There are no suspects in the arson investigation.

Two Stinchfield Woods buildings vandalized

Two observatory buildings at Stinchfield Woods in Pinckney were found damaged in May. No property appeared to be missing, but doors and window panes had been broken. There are no suspects.